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March 8, 2019
More than 2,500 industry members participated in Food Processing Expo 2019, helping make it another successful Expo. One longtime participant commented that “the Expo keeps getting better every year – this one was outstanding.”
The 2020 Food Processing Expo will be held at the Santa Clara Convention Center February 12-13.
CLFP will hold its 2019 Annual Board of Directors Meeting April 18-19 at the Quail Lodge in Carmel Valley. The meeting is open to all board of director members and to premier supplier host council affiliate members. 
At the conculsion of the meeting Ross Siragussa, The Kraft Heinz Company, will be installed as the CLFP 2019-20 chair. 

CLFP recently launched a business page on LinkedIn to help promote and share information about the Food Processing Expo and CLFP. CLFP encourages all of its members to follow this new page.
CLFP’s Tomato Processing Research Committee will meet on March 19 in Sacramento. Each year, the committee approves approximately four to six research projects that could potentially improve tomato processing in CLFP member plants.
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Better Yields From The Fields
Harvest Blade and Supply, Inc.
Harvest Blade and Supply is a provider to the food processing and food packaging industries offering industrial blade re-sharpening, refurbishing and Blade resale services that assists customers in reducing expenses and increasing production yields.
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Feature Column
February 22 was the last day to introduce new legislative proposals for the 2019 California legislative year. A whopping 2,576 bill were introduced before the deadline, making for an extremely busy legislative year ahead. Although new ideas can be added later through the “gut and amend” process, we now have a fairly clear sense of the labor and employment issues the California legislature will be confronting in 2019.
Capitol News
A total of 2,710 new bills were introduced in the California legislature between when it reconvened on January 7 and the new bill introduction deadline of February 22. The legislature is now holding policy hearings regarding the bills with an end of April deadline for fiscal bills to be submitted to appropriations, and a May 3rd deadline for non-fiscal bills to be reported to the legislative floor. CLFP is currently tracking some 186 bills that could affect California’s food processing industry and is working with a variety of industry coalitions to address these bills.
Industry News
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has published the second installment of a draft guidance document designed to support compliance with the Intentional Adulteration (IA) Rule under the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA).
Researchers at UC Davis are working to create a public resource called the California Energy Product Evaluation "Hub", which will provide energy technology product evaluations to help large commercial and industrial customers in California make informed purchasing decisions about distributed energy resources, e.g., lighting, agricultural irrigation equipment, energy storage. UC Davis is looking for industry input to make this project a success.
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has released its “Strategy for the Safety of Imported Food,” which outlines the agency’s comprehensive approach to helping ensure the safety of food imported into the United States. Currently, the United States imports about 15% of its overall food supply. More than 200 countries or territories and roughly 125,000 food facilities plus farms supply approximately 32% of the fresh vegetables, 55% of the fresh fruit and 94% of the seafood that Americans consume annually. This increasingly globalized and complex marketplace has also placed new challenges on the U.S. food safety system.
New Members
We design and build industrial centrifugal fans for the food industry. Our fans include a wide range of custom features, including sanitary design. Design capabilities include air flow up to 500,000 cfm, static pressure up to 140" w.g., temperature up to 1800 deg F, and power up to 1500 horsepower. Construction materials include carbon and stainless steels, alloys, titanium & more. Custom finishes & linings are available. Services include expedited lead times, replacement parts for all fan brands, and on-site service for new start-ups along with crisis & unplanned outages.
DNP America, LLC was established in Japan in 1876. DNP now has an approximate 39,000 employees. DNP's worldwide packaging business provides high-quality, advanced packaging for foods, household items, medical and pharmaceutical products and other items. Our packaging products are easy for anyone to use and are exceptionally durable and protective of their contents.
Provider of various modes of transportation for shippers in the food and wine industry. Modes serviced include intermodal, OTR, LTL, and temp-controlled.
HSG Safety Supplies, Inc. is a leading safety apparel & PPE supplier since 1989. With factories in China and India we have capabilities to source and manufacturer top quality products for our customers. We offer in house screen printing that allows us to add our customer's logo on different safety apparel items with a quick turnaround. We are manufactures of safety apparel items, safety glasses, and safety gloves. All our products are stocked in our warehouse in Tracy, California. We stock products for major brands such as: Moldex, 3M, Showa, Howard Leight, MSA & many more!
LGV is a family oriented business with over 30 years of experience in the coupling manufacturing industry. LGV specializes if the production of fittings ferrules and sleeves, that have been used in concrete, sanitary, chemical and many other industries. Superior service and premium quality products manufactured in the USA is our pride. Our precision machining in house allows us to do custom work specified to the needs of the customer. Standard materials are 304 Stainless and Carbon steel, but custom work with different materials is available. Customers can choose from a wide selection of parts for internal expansion or external crimp assemblies. Couplings range from 1" to 4". End connections available are, Pacific Coast Thread, Tri-Clamp (TC), Bevel Seat (Male & Female), I-Line (Male & Female), DIN, SMS and more.
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