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Regulatory Corner - December 2021

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British Columbia

The B.C. Auditor General released a September 14, 2021 Report: Oversight of Dam Safety in British Columbia.  The audit examined whether the Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development has effectively overseen the safety of dams in B.C.  The Report covers the Ministry’s oversight of the safety of 1,900 regulated dams. Dams that are being built, such as Site C, are not included in the audit.

The Report is available at the following web link:



Bill 102 An Act Mainly to Reinforce the Enforcement of Environmental and Dam Safety Legislation, to ensure the responsible management of pesticides and to implement certain measures of the 2030 Plan for a Green Economy concerning zero emission vehicles was re-instated to the Quebec National Assembly on October 20, 2021 and is currently subject to public consultation and Committee hearings.

Details on the proposed legislation including proposed amendments to the Dam Safety Act and other legislation are available at the following web link:



To implement changes to the Conservation Authorities Act from the December 8, 2020 Bill 229 Protect, Support and Recover from COVID-19 Act, three new regulations were approved.

The new regulations focus conservation authorities on their core mandate by prescribing mandatory programs and services they must provide, giving municipalities greater control over what conservation authority programs and services they fund, and consolidating “Conservation Areas” regulations. The new regulations do not change the role of conservation authorities in managing or regulating dams.

A summary of the decision and details on the new regulations are available at the following web link:


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