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PelicanCorp Canada®
Geolantis 360TM is a leading geospatial solution to capture and pinpoint the exact location of critical infrastructure including subsurface utilities like cables and pipes. Geolantis 360TM works seamlessly with all GPS/GNSS devices – from low to high precision – as well as all major cable & pipe locate manufacturers.
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Reef Industries, Inc.
Joe Johnson Equipment Inc.
Regional Partners

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The virtual event, April 6-8, offers a diverse selection of education, with multiple sessions offered with a Canadian perspective.

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All 2020 data must be submitted before the deadline to be included in the 2020 Annual DIRT report.

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A series of periodic technical updates to the Filing Manual are now underway in a process that is anticipated to occur over the next two years.

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Join BCCGA and Global Education on March 10, 2021 at 10 a.m. for a virtual information session on the new British Columbia – Ground Disturbance 201 Standard.

Info-Excavation is proud to announce that their preventionists will once more tour Quebec during the summer of 2021.

Info-Excavation est fier d’annoncer que leurs préventionnistes retourneront sur les routes du Québec à l’été 2021.

40 years as Canada's Premier Utility Contractor
Valard Construction LP
Since 1978, we've delivered projects safely, on time and on budget. Valard has full-service capabilities for transmission, distribution, substations, foundations, telecommunications and renewable energy. In addition, Valard is head of the Valard Group of Companies, and part of the Quanta Group, the largest electrical power contractor in North America. We have the experience, knowledge and resources to take on any utility project, any size, any complexity, any place.
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We are adding overhead powerline safety to our mandate and unifying services with the Alberta Common Ground Alliance.

Cette année, nous ajoutons la sécurité des lignes électriques aériennes à notre mandat. Nos services seront jumelés avec ceux du Common Ground Alliance de l’Alberta (ABCGA).


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C’est officiel! Une nouvelle version Web de l’application Info-RTU sera mise en ligne lundi le 8 mars 2021.

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Chaque année, nous nous faisons un devoir de reconnaitre des gens et des entreprises qui ont fait une différence en matière de prévention de dommages aux infrastructures souterraines et ont ainsi assuré la sécurité de leurs travailleurs et le maintien des services.

Vivax Canada
ImpulseRadar USA Inc

April is Dig Safe month, as proclaimed by the province of Saskatchewan. For more than 30 years, the Annual Contractor Dig Safe Awareness Breakfast program has been held in dozens of communities across the province.

Avril est le mois de Creusez sans danger, tel que désigné par la province de la Saskatchewan. Depuis plus de 30 ans, le programme de sensibilisation en matière d’excavation présenté aux entrepreneurs lors d’un petit-déjeuner annuel est organisé dans des dizaines de collectivités de la province.

The New Frontier is Underground
Vermeer Canada Inc.
Today, more than ever, the ability to make a big impact with a small footprint is critical. Trenchless expertise has never been in higher demand, and Vermeer MV Solutions is the new powerhouse in vacuum excavation technology and equipment. Everything we do, everything we make, is designed to help you get the job done right. Fast. Effectively. And efficiently.
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