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Dear BOMA New York Members,

With the distribution of two vaccines underway, New York City is at another historic crossroad and all eyes are on the many building owners and managers that have steered the city through the pandemic to date.  As New Yorkers, we are fortunate since the commercial real estate industry is no stranger to leading through unchartered seas.

In 1975, the city’s largest owners at the time prepaid their property taxes keeping the city out of bankruptcy.  Post 9/11, it was the commercial real estate industry that rebuilt downtown and are currently reimagining midtown.  Today, with an expected return to the office and rising occupancy as a result – coupled with an ordinance for all buildings greater than 25,000 square feet to minimize their carbon footprint – we will have to engineer new solutions as we rise to the challenge.  As Albert Einstein once said, “In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity.”

BOMA New York is the epicenter of this new crossroad.  Together with our members and partner organizations throughout the city, we will continue to add value and create opportunities.

For example, we are in the middle of a two-part virtual seminar discussing recent local laws related to the new building energy report cards, submetering and associated landlord/tenant legal concerns.  If you missed the first part in the beginning of this month, you will not want to miss the second part scheduled for February 24th.

Another example of the BOMA New York value-add programming is the upcoming Lunch & Learn on February 18th, where our guest presenters will review how the Internet of Things (IoT) can assist building owners and managers deliver workplace efficiency, economic value, and tenant confidence.  This signature monthly program will continue throughout the year.  With its growing popularity, I encourage you to register early for each Lunch & Learn.  The valuable content, combined with a CPD credit, is an easy decision to grow your career.

As we continue to add value for BOMA New York members, please note that the professional development programs outlined above are free to members.

In addition to the above-mentioned programs, the Pinnacle Awards will take place later in the year, the BOMI academic curriculum is online and we are planning two golf outings this year.

As you can see, BOMA New York and its Board of Directors are committed to our mission.  Thank you for your continued engagement.  It is you and all BOMA NY members that are an integral part of our mutual success.

With a continued focus on our members, BOMA NY recently introduced a new feature called “Member Profiles”.  This digital distribution highlights up to ten Allied and Professional member companies at a time.  The profiles include  a brief company description, and company logo along  with relevant contact information.  We applaud our member companies and individual members.  I’m proud to announce that BOMA NY will additionally leverage its reach to share individual career changes for our members called “Members on the Move”.  Please share the details of your promotion or when your employment changes to a new company.  BOMA New York will spread the good news via a unique email blast, on social media, and within the Membership Matters section of the FACTS.

2021 is off to a great start.  I look forward to sharing continued success with each of you.

Hani J. Salama, PE, LEED-AP
Chair & Chief Executive Officer
BOMA New York

Get to Know Your Board

We sat down with BOMA New York Board Member and Chair of the BOMA NY Membership Committee – Eduardo (Ed) Fiallo, Vice President Property Management – Hines

Kastle Systems Security
Angus Systems Group

For those of you who are feeling exhausted from the federal election cycle that just passed and are ready for a hiatus — the political process in New York City is just beginning.  Local and City-wide elections happen in odd-numbered years, and, because of term limits, 2021 is going to be a doozy.


With a focus on BOMA New York members, we continue to issue Member Profiles – an ideal medium that highlights up to ten Allied and Professional member companies at a time, via a brief company description, together with relevant contact information.  Please see the most recent issues.

January 19, 2021

February 3, 2021

Archetype Consultants, Inc.
In Case You Missed It

Part One: Keeping Your Energy Grade Up
A Deep Dive into LL97 & Related Energy Codes
Wednesday, February 3rd
Dan Egan (Vornado) moderated a panel of industry thoughtleaders that took a look back at 2020 for a complete appreciation of Energy Compliance in 2021.  They did a deep dive into LL97, the current events that may impact compliance, lease implications, and what it all means for your building and tenants.

Part Two of the Virtual Seminar will star the same panel of thought leaders to discuss other energy related codes and regulations, including LL95 Energy Report Cards, Submetering, Lighting, Bldg & Tenant Energy Star programs.  They will also review best practices for Capital Planning - Projects, Costs, Timing & Alternative Paths to Compliance


BOMA New York tackled 2020 with excellence.  Together, we rose to the challenges of the pandemic, adding value to all members throughout the year.  For a look back at how BOMA New York went from adversity to greatness, please have a look at the yearend timeline.

We look forward to continued momentum throughout 2021 and depend on our members, the lifeblood of BOMA New York.  Please do your part and protect your investment by renewing your membership today.

All members should have received your 2021 Membership Dues renewal invoices.  If you have not received yours, please be sure to reach out to Ami Shah at  Payment for Membership Dues Invoices are to be received no later than Friday, February 26, 2021.

One of the most valuable and exciting aspects of your BOMA New York membership is the opportunity to affect change via one of our numerous committees. Collaborate with top industry executives and lead by example.  Jump start your career and JOIN A COMMITTEE TODAY.

The 2021 BOMI Calendar is fully developed, with a diverse set of classes, organized in multiple formats.  Please contact Becky Perez at for more information.

Due to the pandemic – The Pinnacle Awards – usually scheduled at the end of February will be rescheduled for September 2021.  Please keep a look out for more information.


Please join us in welcoming our new BOMA New York members.

If you are a BOMA New York Member and have moved to a new location or changed employers, please contact Ami Shah to update your Membership Record.

If you have a candidate for membership, please contact Ami Shah, our Director of Membership and Special Events at And visit us at for information on the difference a BOMA New York membership makes.

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