BOMA Facts

How long have you been a BOMA New York member and how did you first get involved with the Association?
My first exposure to BOMA New York was when I initially joined in 2006.  Since then, my career has taken me into Westchester County and Jersey City; where I joined each of the local BOMA associations.  BOMA New York and its leadership have always played a vital role within the commercial real estate industry.  I’m honored to be on the Board of Directors and look forward to contributing to its continued success.

As Chair of the Membership Committee, what are your plans to attract and retain members throughout 2021?
Networking is key to our industry and is something we can facilitate better.  BOMA NY has an experienced member base with a lot of expertise and value to share.  All we need to do is provide the forum and they will come (and stay!).

Prior to COVID-19, what was your favorite BOMA New York event and why?
The rooftop gathering at 230 Fifth Avenue is my favorite event. Simply put, it’s the best way to network with fellow industry professionals.  It’s a pleasure to socialize with colleagues in an incredible environment with phenomenal views.

What is the most unique element of managing large portfolios for high-profile clients?
I've worked as a Hines property and/or facilities manager for multiple financial institutions including Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, Bear Stearns and JPMorgan Chase. I've learned that both a FM and PM need to treat all assets relatively the same.  Whether the asset is a data center or a commercial office – each are critical. Whether you manage a delicate piece of equipment or a delicate personality, in both scenarios, you must perform.

You manage the Morgan Stanley portfolio of the Americas from 1585 Broadway.  In addition to the complexities of operating a 42-story building in Times Square, the building is adorned with 13,000 SF of iconic real-time digital boards.  What’s your role with the content management of the boards and the filming requests you get for the building?
The good news for us is that the client manages those awesome digital boards – we ensure they are running smoothly, but the content is up to them.  As for movies and television requests, they come into our office and we coordinate approvals with the client.  I recall when they filmed a scene in the lobby of 1585 Broadway for Captain America – our own piece of Marvel history.

As a Hines employee, what’s it like to be all about Morgan Stanley?
It’s been a dynamic environment, one that has provided a wonderful relationship spanning over 25 years.  Having a client that is supportive and values communication and transparency is key in our business.

What’s your advice to someone starting out in the commercial real estate industry?
Property Management is an interesting industry. No one decides in college, “I want to be a property manager.”  When I speak with young professionals entering the industry, I remind them that most people are aware that buildings run, but most don't know how they run. When you begin that professional journey into property management, you quickly learn that every day is uniquely different. This constant change of pace adds to the excitement of your career.

My advice to all – be flexible – both with the day-to-day and your specific work assignments.  Learning to be flexible allows you to broaden your overall industry experience, maximize your professional education and optimize your career growth.

When you are not working, what do you enjoy doing with your spare time?
I live in NJ with my wife and two young children. When we’re not working, it’s all about family time – playing or watching sports, going on hikes or just being together – the more the better.

What’s your Favorite Movie?
I’ve got to go with my two favorites –The Shawshank Redemption and The Godfather

What’s your favorite book?
Admittedly I’m not a book reader, I usually prefer the Journal or Times.  I do find Malcom Gladwell’s books to be incredibly interesting and on a personal note, Waiting for Snow in Havana by Carlos Eire is a favorite novel I’ve read a few times.