BOMA Facts

Dear Members:

Despite the tumultuous financial markets and other economic drivers, I have thoroughly enjoyed the post Labor Day work tempo and shared energy. There is a new sense of collaborative spirit when I see people back at the office. As a result, I have been motivated by multiple industry peers, including fellow members, mentors, and co-workers. The consistent experience and outcome have left me feeling – encouraged.

At the Pinnacles Award Gala a few weeks ago, Larry Silverstein received the Henry J. Muller Achievement Award, recognizing his extraordinary vision for New York City.  At 91, Mr. Silverstein said, “I’m not finished yet.”  His perseverance encourages me to dig my heels in and work harder. Larry’s inspirational speech launched the evening, followed by seventeen more Pinnacle Awards. I am proud to announce that we achieved another Pinnacle record, with over 1,000 professionals at Chelsea Piers.

I’m encouraged by the energy and expansion of the Proptech Committee and their commitment to educate our peers about solutions that generate operational efficiency, achieve carbon neutrality, and effect the bottom line.

I’m encouraged by the BOMA NY Staff and their dedication to improve the BOMA NY Value, year-over-year.  They are currently working on reshaping our seminars to provide the same stellar content, while adding exciting new networking and mixer opportunities.

I’m encouraged as the office occupancy and foot traffic continues to progress throughout New York City.  According to Kastle’s Office Occupancy Meter, NYC is near 50% and continues to surge.   And according to, New York City’s office foot traffic was stronger in September than in any other large US Gateway City.

I’m simply encouraged by New Yorkers and our ability to band together at all times.  Today is no different.  If you haven’t felt the energy that I am talking about, it’s time to head back to the office.

From landmarks to new deliverables, New York City has the best commercial real estate in the world.  Building owners and managers throughout the city are innovating solutions for tenants to maximize work productivity and navigate the new normal.

I encourage you to go to where the action is and schedule a meeting in the city. Go see a client; schedule lunch with a co-worker; or join an in-person team meeting. Get out there, enjoy the new energy, and be a part of one of the greatest economic recoveries we’ve ever seen!

Matt Duthie
BOMA New York