BOMA Facts

1. How did you first get involved with BOMA New York?  

In 1985. I learned of the organization as I was seeking my professional designation and began taking the RPA courses. I then started attending BOMA’s monthly luncheons to gain insight from expert guest speakers about industry issues and trends.


2. How long have you been a BOMA New York member? In what way do you feel that BOMA New York has evolved since you became a member? 

32 years. BOMA NY has continued to evolve as the real estate property management industry evolves.  BOMA has demonstrated this by proactively participating in government affairs on the local, state and federal level and by focusing on sustainability and energy.


3. Do you think being a BOMA New York member has influenced your role as General Manager at Empire State Realty Trust? If so, how?   

Yes. Learning formally through the BOMI program, speaking with industry peers whom I met through BOMA NY, serving on committees earlier in my career, teaching BOMI courses and serving on the BOMA NY board for multiple terms have all shaped and influenced how I apply my daily management skills at Empire State Realty Trust. The most important takeaway for me was recognizing the resources that are available in the industry and using those resources and networks, where needed, for decision making on matters affecting our daily business.


4. What is your favorite part about holding a board position?

Interaction with industry peers and learning of key issues that impact others that may not have yet impacted our organization.


5. Are there any upcoming events or initiatives within BOMA New York you’re looking forward to?

Yes. The Annual Membership Event, the Holiday Luncheon and the Pinnacle Awards


6. What would you say would be the best part of being a BOMA New York member to someone looking to join? 

BOMA NY provides an opportunity to meet and interact with your peers. BOMA NY also offers you the opportunity to advance your education on industry practices and issues.


7. If you could give some advice to someone in the commercial real estate industry, what would you share with them? 

Commercial Property Management offers the unique opportunity to learn all aspects of the commercial real estate business. Regardless of which area in real estate you ultimately wish to practice, anyone seeking a career in commercial real estate should spend some time in property management. By doing so, you will become a better real estate broker, appraiser, developer, lender, investor etc.  by learning all aspects of a complex commercial asset and how all those aspects are inter-related. This experience and knowledge will help guide your career on the path you ultimately chose in commercial real estate.