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Our BCSCA Pro D Chair, Alexia Spenser, met with a representative from the BC Gambling Prevention Program to find out how this resource could be useful to school counsellors. Gambling addiction affects youth in many ways; through parental use, personal use and gaming addictions. Many young people are addicted to technology and while they do not see this as a gambling problem, the obsession is the same.
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Lasalle College
We are surrounded by social media in all facets of life today -- our work lives, our personal lives and in the media itself. The impact on our students of using social media is enormous; yet, many school counsellors do not have a Facebook page (often for valid reasons) and wouldn't know a tweet from a twit. It's important we are aware of this medium and how to make it part of our work with kids. If not, we risk being left behind and facing a bigger gap than ever with our students. Read this workshop review from our BCSCA Conference, written by Brenda Blaschuk.
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The focus of our Spring issue of the BC Counsellor is Youth Mental Health: Anxiety. In speaking with colleagues, there seems to be more children and youth with a clinical diagnosis of depression. Families have questions about medications and strategies to cope with the anxiety, and school counsellors are looking for resources. Anxiety BC is one online site in the wired world that provides answers to help demystify this condition, as well as links to other resources. Designed to be used by students, families and professionals, the site has information for all three groups. Check it out!
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Vancouver Island University
Our annual BCSCA Conference for 2013 is in the planning stages. Your BCSCA Executive is hard at work creating an exciting program of keynotes and workshops with practical, hands on ideas and sessions you can take to work with you the day after the conference ends. We are holding the conference in Richmond this year, at the Delta Airport Hotel, which is a shuttle ride away from the airport and accessible by the Canada Line. Save the date: Oct. 24-25, 2013. More information is available on our webiste. Stay tuned for registration details, but put in for your conference funding now!
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University of Calgary
Visual College of Art and Design of Vancouver
B.C. Council on Admissions and Transfer
Grant MacEwan University
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