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This commercial teaching resource is aimed at grades 7-9, physical/health education, but the resource would also be useful for planning 10 or a peer helping class dealing with communication and conflict. Developed by the University of Western Ontario, the resource is a comprehensive approach to understanding relationships.
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Lasalle College
Our 2012 conference was a great success, with our keynote speaker, Stuart Shanker, giving us an overview of the concept of self regulation and how it can be used to work with children and families. In this review of the keynote, Stuart talks about the role of the school counsellor in implementing this strategy, which has been used as a pilot approach in several districts in BC.
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Here is a post from the SOLOS Safety Online Organization, which takes a look at a project responding to Amanda Todd's online plea for help. Teens were asked to respond to the You Tube presentation and give their reflections. The SOLOS provides an online newsletter with interesting links related to social media and youth. This is a good resource for school counsellors to use with parents and other staff who are interested in these topics.
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Vancouver Island University
As school counsellors, many of us are dealing with more cases of anxiety among our students than ever before. When a child or youth is diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, there are more questions than answers, especially from parents and teachers. This fabulous online resource gives detailed information about anxiety disorders, helping to demystify this complex problem. Useful for professionals and families, the site also provides links to additional helpful resources.
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University of Calgary
Visual College of Art and Design of Vancouver
CGA of British Columbia
Grant MacEwan University
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