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Check out this article from Vancouver Magazine, profiling our Keynote Conference Speaker, Dr. Bill MacEwan, who works in mental health with some of the most fragile clients in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver. We are sure you will find his perspectives on Youth Mental health interesting and thought provoking.
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Lasalle College International Vancouver
Our Summer issue of BC Counsellor magazine was focussed on Advocacy...for our profession, our role, our students and our values as school counsellors. One practicing school counsellor shares her take on advocacy.
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Another school year has begun, and we are facing more students suffering from anxiety and depression than we have in past years...and we are all expected to do more with less. Read this article published in the Tyee...Carrie Swiggum gathers some reflections from school counsellors about how we are coping.
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University Canada West
We hope to see you at our annual conference in Vancouver, at the beautiful Coast Stanley Park Hotel on October 20-21, 2011. Have a look at the program lineup; there is something for everyone! Apply for your Pro D funding today and we will see you there!
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University of Calgary
Visual College of Art and Design of Vancouver
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