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October 11, 2019

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So, You Think You’re Finished with Reg. E Outreach? You’re Not!
It’s a disconcerting, but true, fact: when customers of your bank use your debit card and their transactions fail, they blame you.
Consider the negative buying experience below, which I suspect is an all-too-familiar occurrence that puts your customer relationship at risk.
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Industry News
Gen Z is veering into the world of student loans, first apartments and financial burdens—and they’re hungry for help in figuring it all out. Three out of four recent high school graduates said they wish a class on personal finance had been a mandatory part of their education, according to a recent Experian study. (Bloomberg)
“Our customers are our most valuable asset,” says Dan Robb, president and CEO of Jonesburg State Bank, in the most recent ABA Banking Journal Podcast. “When we see them having trouble getting credit because of regulations that have been put into place, we have to voice that to Congress.” (ABA Banking Journal)
Based on their fears of a potential recession, 17% of Americans have started hiding cash in their home, according to a new poll from MetLife, with 21% of respondents also reporting that they have become more conservative with their money. (CNBC)
As we enter the last year before the elections, it is possible that the banking industry will be a target for criticism, including perhaps calls for its radical restructuring. What is missing is the basic fact: the U.S. economy remains the most dynamic economic power in the world because it is supported by a diverse and vibrant banking sector. (ABA Banking Journal)
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Ryan James reflects on how Surety Bank supported its customers through the financial crisis and how he’s positioning the 93-year-old institution for the next 90 years. (ABA Banking Journal)
Federal Reserve officials expressed concerns that the odds of a recession have “increased notably” due to a slowdown in global growth and the fallout from rising trade and geopolitical tensions, according to minutes from the bank’s September meeting. (The Hill)
Heated competition for bank funding is an increasingly important focus for community bank leaders, according to an annual survey released today by the Federal Reserve, the FDIC and the Conference of State Bank Supervisors. (ABA Banking Journal)
Rising Know Your Customer and other risk mitigation regulations have the financial services world eyeing digital identity technology. Already seeping into the consumer services world, digital identity technology is expected to hit a $12.8 billion valuation by 2024, according to the latest PYMNTS Digital Identity Tracker. (PYMNTS.com)
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Policy News
The FDIC has announced the appointment of four new members to its Advisory Committee on Community Banking. (ABA Banking Journal)
The IRS recently proposed regulations intended to help market participants transition from the London Interbank Offered Rate to an alternative reference rate. (ABA Banking Journal)
The FDIC is updating examiner instructions to help strengthen minority depository institutions, FDIC Chairman Jelena McWilliams said at a recent event in Washington, D.C. Specifically, she said that the agency would update its examiner instructions for Community Reinvestment Act exams to clarify how they should count partnerships with MDIs. (ABA Banking Journal)
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California Gov. Gavin Newsom yesterday signed A.B. 857, a bill that provides a pathway for local government entities in the state to charter public banks. (ABA Banking Journal)
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has announced the appointment of new members to its Community Bank Advisory Council. (ABA Banking Journal)
ABA welcomed the FDIC’s proposal to set how it applies deposit insurance assessment credits and urged the FDIC to “return the credit funds as expeditiously as is feasible to those banks to which they are due. (ABA Banking Journal)
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