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It was spectacular to reconnect at AHVAP’s 2022 National Conference and Supplier Showcase in Dallas, Texas, October 26-28, 2022. It was thrilling to listen to such rich and valuable educational sessions as AHVAP speakers delivered on the “Together in Value” theme. A special thank you goes out to Premier, Inc. for the keynote sponsorship for Susan DeVore. Susan previously served as the President and CEO of Premier, Inc. and she opened the conference with a dynamic review of the importance of leading from the front in today’s dynamic healthcare environment, providing attendees with valuable leadership tips. One lesson she shared was “Know your Why!” Each Value Analysis Leader and professional must know the “why” of their role within their healthcare organization and how they individually contribute to the organization’s overall success, sustainability, and consistent delivery of exceptional patient care.
How Wellstar Health Transformed their Value Analysis Process
Greenlight Medical®
Wellstar Health leveraged people, processes, and technology to:
  • Streamline product requests and evaluation across the enterprise
  • Centralize product data and communications to reduce decision time
  • Integrate product research and clinical evidence into product reviews 
  • Transform physician and medical chair engagement in the decision-making process
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AHVAP Spotlight
The November issue of Healthcare Hygiene Magazine is available and features an interview-style article titled “Driving Down Preventable Harm Using Human Factors Engineering” featuring Oren Guttman, MD, MBA, Enterprise VP for Patient Safety & High Reliability and Josh Clark, RN, MBA, Senior Vice President Quality and Safety Operations, both from Jefferson Health in Philadelphia. A must-read for value analysis practitioners.
W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc.
C Change Surgical

About the Brooke Berson Founder’s Award:

Approximately 22 years ago, an RN named Brooke Berson was positioned in a new role within her organization’s Purchasing Department. Brooke immediately networked with her colleagues for assistance including clinician benchmarking practices and long behold, a listserv was created. The listserv grew and developed over the next few years creating a non-profit, education-based professional organization we all know as AHVAP.

The Brooke Berson Founder’s Award is recognized annually at AHVAP’s Conference and Supplier Showcase to an exceptional value analysis professional. This year’s Brooke Berson Founder’s Award Recipient was honored to Dee Donatelli, an AHVAP founder, Past President, industry mentor, and participant in many AHVAP committees and task force positions over the years. Dee has given over 100 lectures in her career continuously promoting the value of AHVAP membership, and advocating nationally, regionally, and locally across both providers and suppliers. Dee has developed an industry Value Analysis educational program specifically to educate supplier partners in collaboration with AHVAP professionals. Her passion for Value Analysis and goal for continuous education has led to the development of AHVAP’s Certification Exam, involvement in maturation work, a contributor to the evolution of AHVAP’s Healthcare Value Analysis Continuum, and the automation of healthcare Value Analysis systems. Dee’s diverse professional expertise is proven as a true advocate that AHVAP is all things of Value Analysis to our industry.

The conference does take a village with countless hours of planning, meetings, reaching out, all AHVAP leaders and committees contributing. A special note of appreciation to the annual conference committee members and on-site conference volunteers for all they did for making the conference the most attended and most successful. A special thank you to the CapHill office and onsite staff for their support.

Do you have a best practice in value analysis to share with your colleagues? AHVAP is always looking for new material for our Resource Library. Follow the link on the web page to submit your material.  

Annual Conference Update
During our recent AHVAP National Conference and Supplier Showcase, our keynote speaker, Susan DeVore, former CEO and President, Premier, presented an uplifting presentation, Value Analysis Keynote: Let Us Together, Add More Value to Value Analysis.
DeVore share the following seven leadership lessons for us a value analysis leaders in healthcare.

We had a sold-out Exhibit hall with 65 booths! The new suppliers joining us said they found a hidden gem in AHVAP, many great leads, connections, and conversations. Additionally, we had seven sponsored events and well as six focus groups in our inaugural offering. The suppliers were pleased with these sessions and provider participants were extremely engaged and offered valuable input. These sessions were so successful it is recommended they become a regular feature and plan for space and time for 90-minute sessions with no more than four being held at one time with potentially both breakfast and dinner options.

Value Analysis 101 was presented by Gloria Graham, DNP, RN, CVAHP, AHVAP past president and chair Industry Business Education Collaborative, and Value Analysis 201 was presented by Barbara Strain, MA, SM(ASCP), CVAHP, an AHVAP founding member, past president, and strategic Board liaison. About one-third of the attendees had been in their roles three years or less and were enthusiastic about learning about value analysis and networking.

As they say, the 2022 CVAHP Workshop is “in the books.” A big round of applause goes out to Anne Marie Orlando, Sandra Monacelli-McNall, B.J. McCluskey, and Susan Miller, our speakers. We appreciate the time and energy they invested to prepare and present on behalf of AHVAP and CVAHP.

According to reports from our speakers, attendance was at an all-time high (had to add chairs), and in spite of technical difficulties and a delayed start, the speakers presented content on the four foundational pillars of healthcare value analysis and made time for questions and answers. Today, we received notice of the first AHVAP member to successfully complete the exam following the workshop. Congratulations!

If you attended the workshop, or if you are preparing for the exam and have questions, you may direct your questions to any of our speakers or to CVAHP Committee co-chairs, Beth Potter at pottermama@gmail.com or Toni Young at ayoung@chs-mi.com.

We’ll be looking forward to notices of at least 24 new certifications by the end of 2022. Remember, testing is conveniently available nationally or internationally either in-person or remotely.

Become a CVAHP-certified AHVAP member. Sign up and schedule your exam today!

Overall, the conference was well versed in speakers and as various ways of practicing Value Analysis every day, there was a great breadth of knowledge that was new to many. New friendships were created, and previous contacts reconnected for three days bringing together all of the facets that make Value Analysis such a fantastic career to work in. We all sincerely thank the AHVAP Conference Committee for organizing another phenomenal annual conference.

How can you create a high-performing Value Analysis Program?
ECRI Institute®
Connect to industry-leading pricing intelligence and clinical evidence in a scalable, all-in-one technology platform that grows with you as you advance your processes.                           
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Industry News and Developments
Health Leaders Media
Medical devices are one of the most challenging facets of supply chain management at health systems and hospitals. Medical devices include a range of equipment from monitors, to IV pumps, to million-dollar magnetic resonance imaging machines. Hospitals not only need to acquire medical devices but also need to keep track of them and maintain them in good working condition.
Association of American Medical Colleges
COVID-19 resulted in millions of tons of health care-related waste. From buying reusable gowns to educating staff on the difference between hazardous and nonhazardous waste, here’s what teaching hospitals are doing to protect people and the environment.
Value-based care doesn’t stop at discharge
Molnlycke Health Care®
As the healthcare industry embraces a value-based care model, it’s time for Integrated Delivery Networks (IDNs) to reimagine patient transitions throughout the continuum of care. Lack of
standardization between acute and post-acute care creates opportunity for failure points and worsened patient outcomes. By promoting communication, coordination, and consistency of care in each step of the patient journey, IDNs can maximize total value and achieve improved outcomes across the board.
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Yale School of Medicine
During the pandemic, medical centers, including Yale, rapidly developed telehealth programs in order to reduce exposure to the virus that causes COVID-19. Experts predict that telehealth will remain part of the health care system even after the COVID risk falls. Beyond reducing the risk of catching something at the doctor’s office, telehealth eliminates the need to travel there. It is, in a word, convenient.
Health Leaders Media
Judy Webb-Hapgood did not set out to work in supply chain. This nurse's winding and complicated career path ultimately led her to be named system vice president of supply chain and support services at University of Wisconsin (UW) Health System in September 2021. Given that she came from another large academic setting, the University of Oklahoma (OU), she was surprised what a huge change it was, she says. 
Casco Manufacturing Solutions, Inc.
Pegasus Medical Concepts
A preventive treatment for lower respiratory tract infections caused by RSV got the go ahead from the European Commission on Friday, according to one of the companies that make it. The treatment is the first of its kind to protect all infants in their first year of life. A spokesperson from drugmaker Sanofi says that they’ve also submitted their research to the US Food and Drug Administration for approval.
Healthcare Finance
Although hospital consolidation within markets has become a common practice, consolidation across markets is on the rise, with research in Health Affairs suggesting this may harm competition. Economic theory predicts – and evidence is emerging – that cross-market hospital systems raise prices by exerting market power across markets when negotiating with common customers, primarily insurers.