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An increase of production for oil pipelines has left many rendered useless as they sit unused in large quanities.
Oil prices increased as demand went up along with other risk assets as well.
Kate, a managing director of Southern Diver, gives a little insight into what she does as a commercial diver who plays a role in the safety of structures like piers and jetties.
Deadline for submittal of nominations:
JANUARY 14, 2022
Recognizing and honoring individuals whose efforts and accomplishments have significantly contributed to commercial diving through a lifetime of dedication.
Nominees do not have to be commercial divers, but can be any individual who has been influential and who has made a significant and recognizable life-long contribution to the commercial diving community.
This report is a summary of findings regarding the TYT Torch, which is produced in Turkey. This torch has been spotted as a “bargain brand” BR-22 and has potential safety hazards and intellectual property infringements that prove problematic for customers.
The Australian Government has put a halt on petrolemum exploration, as the goverment does not want drilling to take place due to the surrounding communities and beaches.
Due to the drilling operation taking longer than expected, CGX may have to ask for additional funding despite the project's progress.
Petrobras sells its Braksem shares after receiving advice from J,P, Morgan on how to conduct the sale.
Diver Certification Board of Canada
Flylogix's autonomous drone has completed three flights to bp's Clair Phase one platform. While flying, data is shared in real time to the support crew.
Fujian Refining and Petrochemical Co. Ltd. (FREP) is using an alkylation unit, that has already undergone perfomance tests, to process oil ensuring that it will meet China's current VI-A emission standards.
Duisburg Gateway Terminal in Germany will become the first terminal with climate neutral operations using hydrogen. It is being funded for four years through the "Hydrogen Technology Offensive" by the German govement.
Ocean Technology Systems
Saab Seaeye Ltd



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