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While the Omicron variant was thought to create a significant impact on the price of oil, it seems that overall there has been minor impacts within the oil industry. 
Proper planning and risk assessment can save divers from differential pressure. Delta P has become a prevalent hazard in recent years.
ExxonMobil will stick to their spending plans, with focuses on liquifid natural gas and chemical projects alongside working to meet greenhouse gas emission-reduction targets.
Deadline for submittal of nominations:
JANUARY 14, 2022
Recognizing and honoring individuals whose efforts and accomplishments have significantly contributed to commercial diving through a lifetime of dedication.
Nominees do not have to be commercial divers, but can be any individual who has been influential and who has made a significant and recognizable life-long contribution to the commercial diving community.
This report is a summary of findings regarding the TYT Torch, which is produced in Turkey. This torch has been spotted as a “bargain brand” BR-22 and has potential safety hazards and intellectual property infringements that prove problematic for customers.
A Scottish company has made an agreement with South Korea's Samsung Heavy to buy a drillshop from them and minimize it's carbon footprint.
There has been separate light oil discoveries onshore at Trinidad and Tobago. Two production tests were completed to assess the oil.
A study conducted by RWE found that Scotland could be a world leader in creating low-carbon construction foundations for floating wind farms. The study focused on production and scaling of these construction foundations, which allowed for industry knowledge growth. 
Diver Certification Board of Canada
Offshore energy is on the rise with short-term and long-term projects taking place all across the globe.
Strohm and Siemens will be working together to create green hydrogen solutions. Some tasks will include the replacement of power cables with pipe infrastructure that is designed and manufactured by Strohm.
While there is no timeline available, Australia will soon have a renewable diesel processing and storage plant with the ability to produce 500,000 tonnes of renewable energy a year. 
Ocean Technology Systems
From the Pages of Underwater Magazine
In 1968, Santa Barbara City College (SBCC) pioneered formalized diver and technician education with a curriculum that enabled students to earn an associates of science degree while completing a certified diver training program.
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