June 2021, Vol.15 , No.6
Meet the newest faces at ACCG! Learn more about each team member to discover what role they play at the organization and what they like to do in their pastimes.  
The ACCG – Interlocal Risk Management Agency (ACCG-IRMA) Board of Trustees will release another dividend of $3.25 million to the ACCG-IRMA members in July. Any county or authority that has continuously participated in the program since October 1, 1996 will receive a portion of the dividend.
Are you prepared for the coming storm of man-made chemicals (PFAS/PFOA) found in drinking water?  This June, the ACCG – Interlocal Risk Management Agency is hosting a FREE webinar on the emerging environmental risks for water operations and potential solutions. Join us for the informative webinar to learn if you're county is prepared for the risks associated with water operations.
June's spotlight is shining on University of Georgia student Avery Brese and her experience with the Athens-Clarke County Public Information Office. Read more to discover how her experience as an intern changed her perspective on county government and the role it plays in the community.
Meet ACCG's newest interns, Christy Turner, Jonathan McKenley, and Jeffrey Parmet. From crunching numbers to surveying counties to conducting legal analysis, this summer team will be exposed to the operations of ACCG and county government. 
Now, more than ever, counties are celebrated for their tireless work on behalf of their communities. Help ACCG highlight those efforts by sending in your photos for Georgia's Local Lens, the newsletter that provides a weekly snapshot of Georgia's counties. Visit the ACCG website for more information.
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State News
Is your organization interested in adding motorized trails in your community? This fall, the Georgia Recreational Trails Program has up to $1 million available in grant funding for local governments to develop motorized trails. If you'd like to learn more about these opportunities, register for an upcoming webinar on June 3.
In July, changes go into effect regarding the legal responsibilities of Georgia landowners burning outdoor yard debris. Click here to stay up-to-date on these changes and to ensure your county is effectively implements them.
The Southwest Georgia Regional Commission and the Region’s 14 counties became the first Age Friendly designated Region in the United States. The AARP Network of Age-Friendly States and Communities is a program of the AARP Livable Communities initiative and serves as the organizational affiliate of the World Health Organization (WHO) Global Network for Age-Friendly Cities and Communities.
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Federal News
The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is accepting applications for eligible entities to provide planning, training and technical assistance to rural communities to foster placemaking activities. Up to $3 million in cooperative agreement grants will be made available under the Rural Placemaking Innovation Challenge (RPIC).
NACo members are invited to submit policy resolutions and platform changes to be considered by NACo’s membership at the conference. The NACo resolutions process provides members with the ability to participate in national policy decisions affecting county governments by proposing changes to NACo’s platform or policy resolutions that, if approved, will be added to the platform for one year. Submit your policy resolutions and platform changes by Friday, June 4.