Georgia County Internship Spotlight

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Avery Brese Interns with Athens-Clarke County Public Information Office
Avery Brese, an entertainment and media studies major at the University of Georgia, interned with the Athens-Clarke County Public Information Office (PIO) during the summer of 2020. Brese assisted the PIO with the documentation and promotion of facilities, events, programs, staff, and other areas through photography and videography.
When asked about her familiarity with county government prior to her internship, Brese stated that she was somewhat acquainted in that she knew her commissioner and the mayor and tried to keep up with local politics. However, this opportunity provided her with the time and access to watch most of the mayor and commission meetings held during her tenure, which provided a window into the inner workings of county government operation. She is now familiar with all the districts, commissioners, issues each district faces, as well as the resolutions presented by the commissioners to resolve those issues.
Brese stated that she learned a lot about county government through making videos, such as how the election process works, the operations of various county positions, programs and initiatives, and the needs that arise around the county. She was also able to collaborate with different departments and meet a variety of people who work in county government.
During her internship, Brese was tasked with weekly responsibilities, as well as responsibilities that varied by project. Weekly responsibilities included making slides to be broadcasted featuring available jobs with the county and pets at the local shelter and creating time markers for the uploaded mayor and commissioner meetings. Responsibilities that varied by project included filming, editing, titling, and captioning. When asked about her most significant accomplishment, Brese noted seeing full projects come together. She was especially proud of the work she completed on the Lyndon House Arts Center, in which a large portion of the video shot was her footage, as well as most of the editing. Brese also completed several videos that were mostly her work product from beginning to end.
When asked about what she liked most about her internship, Brese expressed the spontaneity and not knowing what each day would bring. From a skills standpoint, she gained a lot of experience working in Adobe Photoshop, which she was previously unfamiliar, as well as Premiere Pro, which she did haver prior experience with but was able to develop better editing skills due to constant usage.
In closing, Brese noted she would absolutely consider a career in county government. She believes it is extremely fulfilling to be in the loop of so many things that are going on in her community and to meet people who do such important work for her local government.
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