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Submission deadlines are quickly approaching for the annual immigration report. If your county has not started the process learn more about the policies and procedures for accurately completing the report.
ACCG's publications have a new look! Check out the new interactive and user-friendly format available online.
The ACCG-Group Self-Insurance Workers' Compensation Fund recently announced a rate decrease and a $3.7 million dividend return for 2017. Learn more about the rate decrease and how your membership will be affected if you choose to renew in 2017.
An updated salary guide for 2017 is now available for county members who calculate payroll or need assistance in understanding how cost of living adjustments, salaries, and other increases are calculated.
The State Records Committee has recently updated the local government retention schedule. If your county does not have a retention schedule in effect make sure your county reviews the current changes and remains updated on future ones.
This month's spotlight is shining on Amanda Selby, a mass communications major at Georgia College. Take a look at how her exciting journey as an intern with Wilkes County allowed her to acquire new skills and strengthen old ones.
The Georgia Food Bank Association will host the 55th Annual Wild Hog Supper on January 8, 2017. This event is hosted to celebrate the the start of the Legislative Session and to support the Georgia Food Bank Association (GFBA) alongside Honorary Hosts Agriculture Commissioner Gary Black, Chairman John Wilkinson, Chairman Tom McCall, the Senate and House Agriculture Committees, and the Executive Directors of Georgia’s 8 Regional Food Banks. All proceeds will benefit Farm to Food Bank, a program of GFBA, through which Georgia farmers donate over 13 million pounds "ugly" but still perfectly nutritious fruits and vegetables to the Food Bank network each year.
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