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New Local Government Retention Schedule In Effect

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The State Records Committee adopted a new local government retention schedule at the end of October. All schedules except for the public health, education, tax, and public safety schedules have been updated. These four schedules are currently under review and should be updated and adopted in April 2017. Georgia Archives has recently prepared an integrated schedule which provides both the updated schedules and the existing schedules for public health, education, tax, and public safety. These schedules can be found here and on the Georgia Archives website at Georgia Archives has offered to provide training for counties on the new schedule and ACCG will be in touch about possible training opportunities in early 2017.

Any county that has not adopted their own records retention schedule is required to follow the local government records retention schedule published by Georgia Archives. Records custodians for each county should review the updated schedule and direct any questions about changes to the schedule to Georgia Archives.

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