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Brenau University Student Hayley Fowler Interns with Gwinnett County Parks and Recreation Department. 

Hayley Fowler, a Mass Communication major at Brenau University, interned with the Gwinnett County Parks and Recreation Department as part of the spring Georgia County Internship Program (GCIP). During her internship, Fowler was charged with developing tools to promote healthy living principles as part of the Live Healthy Gwinnett initiative that was developed by the Gwinnett County Parks and Recreation Department and Eastside Medical Center in 2014. 
Through her internship, Fowler learned about the many partnerships and connections that Gwinnett County government had with various entities. Prior to her internship, Fowler had no exposure to county government operations and was unaware of the potential networking and job growth opportunities that were available through working in and with county government.

Fowler’s major duties during her internship involved preparing for events held and supported by the department. This included drafting flyers, supporting marketing efforts and attending the events. Her most significant success during her internship was gaining more experience and knowledge of how to use Adobe Photoshop and InDesign, and learning how to organize and run events. 

Fowler’s favorite part of the internship was attending and providing support for events. On a personal level, she enjoyed learning the healthy habits that were being taught and executing them in her daily life. With the goal of encouraging residents to adopt healthy lifestyle choices, the Live Healthy Gwinnett initiative also helped Fowler to focus on her personal wellness.  

Due to the high caliber of her work during the spring internship, the Gwinnett County Parks and Recreation Department has retained Fowler to participate in the summer Georgia County Internship Program to help expand their Live Healthy Gwinnett initiative. Based on her experience, she is interested in pursuing a career in county government. 

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