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Recruit Summer Interns for Your County through the Georgia County Internship Program

The Association County Commissioners of Georgia (ACCG) is currently seeking counties to participate in the summer semester of the Georgia County Internship Program (GCIP). Many college and graduate students are looking for internship opportunities to gain experience in a certain field or to satisfy academic requirements for their degree program. This is the perfect opportunity for counties to recruit these students to assist with projects that will benefit the county and the public at large.

At this time, no grant funds are available, however many students are more interested in receiving academic credit or work experience than they are in a paid position. In fact, some degree programs do not allow interns seeking academic internships to receive payment. To this end, we encourage counties to submit both funded and unfunded internship positions.  ACCG will be heavily promoting the summer program through our GCIP website,, social media sources, and by participating in the largest college career fair in the state in April.

Counties that are interested in participating in the summer program need to complete the employer application form and submit it to Kanika Greenlee via email at or fax it to her at 404-525-2477 by March 14.  Once the position is approved, it will be posted on the GCIP website and with area universities. Any student interested in the position will apply directly to the county.

Hosting an intern not only benefits the student, but it also benefits the county. Over the course of the GCIP, students have completed projects on updating and creating websites,  mapping  for trails, monuments, stormwater drains, conservation areas, public safety routes and crime victim locations through GIS technology, creating inventories of businesses not paying occupation tax to the county, revising and updating HR manuals and procedures, writing press releases, providing talent, scripts, video, and story ideas for county television studios, updating mobile home inventories for ad valorem tax purposes, drafting ordinances, conducting energy audits, and assisting with record management projects.

ACCG encourages you to participate in this internship program.  Don’t miss out on hiring the next generation of county employees!


ACCG Insurance Programs Offers Webinar Training

A key component in any plan designed to control insurance costs is to prevent as many accidents as possible, and to minimize the effects of those that cannot be prevented.  ACCG Insurance Programs offers loss control services at no additional cost to its membership through Local Government Risk Management Services (LGRMS). 

For those counties that participate in ACCG’s workers’ compensation or property & liability insurance programs, LGRMS offers free webinars through the Public Agency Training Council (PATC).  These webinars will be presented by a nationally recognized attorney and retired police professional, Jack Ryan. 

See below for the schedule of webinars. For a more detailed description of the webinars offered click here.

To register for one of the webinars, click here  and insert the code for the training that you would like to attend.  Each of the following webinars will be offered at 2 p.m. EST on the date specified:

April 2 - Legal Update and Best Practices: Arrest Search and Seizure.
Session #738563487

May 4 - Legal Update and Best Practices: Care, Custody, Restraint & Prisoner Transport.
Session #737682780

June 1 - Legal Update and Best Practices: Officer-Involved Domestic Violence.
Session #736701290

June 15 - Legal Update and Best Practices: Property and Evidence.
Session #731841244

July 20 – U.S. Supreme Court Legal Update for Law Enforcement Officers and Supervisors.
Session #730304414

August 17 – Off-Duty Firearms Carry Policy.
Session #730692847

September 14 - Legal Update and Best Practices: Sexual Harassment, Discrimination and Misconduct.
Session #731939668

October 19 - Legal Update and Best Practices:  Hiring, Selection and Retention.
Session #736912939

November 16 - Legal Update and Best Practices:  Special Operations.
Session #737253362

December 14 - Legal Update and Best Practices:  Dealing with the Mentally Ill and Persons of Diminished Capacity.  Session #737566314


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