NEW! Online Driver Training: Law Enforcement Grant

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The ACCG Workers’ Compensation Board of Trustees recently approved an Online Driver Training Incentive Grant Program for members’ county law enforcement officers to promote safe driving. This online driving course - The Essentials of Law Enforcement Driving: Hazards & Controls – is available through the Georgia Public Safety Training Center for four credit hours.
The course is based on content created by Local Government Risk Management Services (LGRMS) and includes sheriffs and officers from across Georgia. This Grant Program will provide financial assistance to the sheriff’s training department for the purpose of reducing employees’ injuries. Examples of eligible items include: training materials or equipment, TVs, computers, videos, defensive tactics training, etc.
Eligible Members will be provided a grant up to $1,000 on a reimbursement basis for the purpose of incentivizing the sheriffs’ offices to take the training. To be eligible, the sheriff’s office must have at least 80% of their staff complete the 4-hour driving course. Grant funds will be distributed on a first come, first approved basis until all eligible funds have been expended. More information will be distributed by LGRMS to the sheriffs’ offices.
Contact Dan Beck of LGRMS for more information: or 800.650.3120 / 678.686.6279.  

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