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 Hannah Godfrey Interns with Troup County

Hannah Godfrey, a LaGrange College student, interned with Troup County’s Parks and Recreation Department. A Psychology and Political Science major, Godfrey worked with the Active Life Center. During her internship, she facilitated a state grant to address senior isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Before her internship, Godfrey had only a general understanding of county government operations. However, due to the nature of her work, she quickly grew well-versed in the many programs and outreach services offered to the general population.
Godfrey’s internship was centered around outreach to seniors in the LaGrange area who had been isolated due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2021, Troup County received a grant to provide services for isolated seniors. At the start of her internship, Godfrey worked to quickly identify the most isolated seniors in the community and conducted home visits to determine personal needs. She worked on a case-by-case basis, helping to put seniors in contact with home-health providers, registering them for vaccinations, signing them up for meal delivery services, or finding simple ways to make their living situations more comfortable.
One of these solutions was the introduction of technology to ease loneliness. Using grant funding, Active Life purchased multiple iPads and Wi-Fi hotspots. The iPads enabled seniors to FaceTime families and friends, participate in virtual exercise classes, communicate with doctors, and take additional courses at the Active Life center.
Godfrey played a key role in ensuring the success of the outreach program. She organized a telecommunication committee that provided Zoom talks with senior residents and called participants regularly. She also taught a class on using iPads and iPhones and set up a technology library and check-out system for participants.
Godfrey was not only dedicated to using the grant successfully, but she was also dedicated to the participants and creating relationships with them. “In reaching out to these seniors, I had the opportunity to develop a rapport with many of them. So beyond just helping them with physical and health concerns, I was able to help them feel less socially isolated,” she said. Celeste Garrett, the Active Life Health and Wellness Coordinator and Godfrey's supervisor, praised her efforts in connecting with the senior community in Troup County. “Hannah’s kindness and willing drive to help the senior population will always be remembered,” Garrett remarked.
Godfrey also stated that the internship helped her develop her people skills, patience, and resourcefulness in navigating difficult issues. After graduation, Godfrey plans to attend law school and one day hopes to be a public interest attorney. She also said she would consider a career in county government and knows that the skills and experience from her internship will “undoubtedly be necessary” in her future career. 
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