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Garrett Shedrick Interns with Fulton County
Garret Shedrick, an Arizona State University student, interned with the Fulton County Broadcast and Cable Department. A Film and Television Production major, Shedrick worked with Fulton County Government Television (FGTV) and Fulton Film to complete several videography projects.
Shedrick’s understanding of county government operations changed significantly throughout his internship. During his time with Fulton County, Shedrick gained insight into the inner workings of county departments. He described them as "one organism with each department doing something that will affect the rest."
Shedrick was responsible for finding and sharing new county stories each week for FGTV. Shaunya Chavis, his supervisor and the Director of FGTV and Fulton Film, said that “from day one, he jumped in and learned everything in both of our divisions...Garrett got his hands dirty so that he could experience every aspect of our industry." Some projects Shedrick worked on included running a camera for the board of commissioner's meeting productions and going out into the county to cover news events.
Shedrick also completed production work on the annual BronzeLens Film Festival. The festival highlights Atlanta as a film mecca for people of color and features screenings and panels with industry leaders. Shedrick said that his work with BronzeLens was one of his most significant successes, despite challenges from the pandemic and limited time and resources. 
Beyond his work behind the camera, Shedrick developed his leadership and collaboration skills. He said one of his favorite parts of the internship was getting to know his teammates and learning their own stories and career paths. Shedrick stated that one of the most important lessons he learned is that "the job is hardly ever just about you. It's about the message you are trying to get out there for others."
Through his internship, Shedrick became a key asset to the "FGTV Family." Chavis said that Shedrick’s impact is long-lasting, and he continued to show his commitment to the team by returning as a volunteer after the internship concluded. Following graduation, Shedrick plans to use his skills and experience to pursue a career in the film industry.
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