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Upcoming Highlights
10:15 – 11 am: Breakout Session 3, Salon 1-8;13
11:15 am – Noon: Breakout Session 4, Salon 1-8;13
Breakout Sessions are eligible for 1 Continuing Educational Unit in PCP. Be sure to complete a survey and turn in the paper to get the credit that you’ll need for recertification.

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That coin you received when you registered and received your "goody bag" -- DON'T LOSE IT! During the Closing Reception on Thursday, there will be a raffle. Each coin has a unique number on it, and that is your raffle number. Some of the prizes to be given away include: SPFA Contractor Member fees for one year, iPads, TVs, and a full set of Study Guides for the SPFA PCP.

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"I've been going to sprayfoam expos since 1979 and every year I meet somebody worthwhile, somebody who becomes a lifelong friend."--Kevin Sievert, Industrial Coatings, Minnesota

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Conference & Session Coverage
During the 11th Annual Contractor Awards Luncheon today, SPFA recognized the exceptional accomplishments of some of its members. The Contractor Industry Excellence Awards recognize SPFA contractor members for the quality of their work, the uniqueness of the project, speed of application, superiority of polyurethane, ability of foam to conform to unusual/irregular surfaces, and special safety considerations.

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Daily Schedule & Activities
7-8 am: SPFA Annual Membership Meeting -- Junior Ballroom
8 am-4 pm: SPFA PCP & ABAA Written Exams -- Signature 1
8-10 am: General Session -- Junior Ballroom
>Global Overview of the SPF Industry: Hanne Hirsimaki
>COMMITTEE REPORTS: Technical -- Rick Duncan; Marketing -- Mac Sheldon; Certification -- Bonnie Strickler; Convention -- Todd Henderson
10:15-11 am: Breakout Session 3 -- Salon 1-8;13
11-11:15 am: Coffee Break
11:15 am-Noon: Breakout Session 4 -- Salon 1-8;13
1:15-2 pm: Contractor Only Session -- Junior Ballroom
2-5 pm: Exhibit Hall Open -- Grand Ballroom
5-6:30 pm: Welcome Reception -- Grand Ballroom
7-9 pm:Closing Reception -- Poolside
9-11 pm: SPFA Hospitality Suite

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You Talk, We Listen
The Women's Leadership Networking Reception was held last night, and attracted quite a group of people.

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Richard Rawlings took to the stage during the General Session on Wednesday morning and talked about how he got to where he is today, and what he’s learned. Many of the obstacles he overcame and challenges he’s faced are similar to what any person in business might experience.

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The Breakout Sessions and the Expo Floor were full, full, full! Not a surprise, though, as attendance was sky-high. The registration desk was busy almost the entire day and "record-breaking" was the word.

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If you are posting images, feedback or notes about Sprayfoam 2016, be sure to include this hashtag in the post: #SPFAShow. Including this hashtag in your post will ensure everyone else at the show who is following the events on social media will see it!
The team that makes it all happen -- The SPFA team is committed to driving the SPF industry to the highest standards of safety, quality and business practices, so much so that they wrote that into the SPFA Mission. The team consists of Executive Director Kurt P. Riesenberg; Technical Services Director Richard Duncan, P.E., Ph.D.; Certification and Training Director Kelly Marcavage; Staff Accountant Mickey Riesenberg; and Membership Representative Billy Harley.

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The Social Side
Be sure to download the SPFA Sprayfoam 2016 Convention App while you are at the show! Have the entire convention in your pocket and all event information at your fingertips. This event app allows you access to everything you need to get the most out of your event.

Search "Sprayfoam 2016" in the Amazon Appstore or Google Play Store.

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Conference Sponsors
It is thanks to these Sprayfoam 2016 sponsors that the annual SPFA Conference & Expo continues to provide top-notch learning, networking and education to professionals in all aspects of the sprayfoam industry.
Also, be sure to thank the sponsors who made the Field Exams possible: the generous suppliers who donated material, equipment and supplies and the sponsors who made FREE Field Exams a reality with their scholarships.

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