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Upcoming Highlights
If you want to know what Field Exams are all about, there will be tours this year, Feb. 8-9! Take this opportunity to visit the Field Exam Set-up area and learn about the process. To visit the Field Exam area, please go to the Registration Table for the Field Exams in the Rosen Centre parking lot. (Field Exam hours: Monday-Tuesday, Feb. 8-9, 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.). Visitors must sign in, wear a special nametag and be escorted around the site by designated PCP personnel. Be sure to thank the sponsors who have made the field exams possible.
>>Thanks to these generous suppliers who donated material, equipment and supplies.
>>Click here to see sponsors who made FREE Field Exams a reality with their scholarship.

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Advance registration for Sprayfoam 2016 is still open! Check out the Attendee Brochure linked below or visit www.sprayfoam.org for details. TOMORROW, Friday, Feb. 5, is the last day for pre-registration. Onsite registration will open on Monday, Feb. 8.

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If you'll be in Orlando for Superbowl Sunday, there are plenty of places to watch it in the Rosen Centre hotel. Also, SPFA will have a moderately sized hospitality suite there (Suite 262) and anyone is welcome -- space permitting! Festivities will start at 6:30 p.m.

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Conference & Session Coverage
If you're not coming home from professional conferences having made promising connections with others in your field, you're doing it wrong. These 15 proven tips from Alaina G. Levine will help you make make career-enhancing connections at Sprayfoam 2016.

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Daily Schedule & Activities
Spray polyurethane foam suppliers have come together to offer a one-time scholarship program reducing the cost for PCP Field Exams so they are FREE at Sprayfoam 2016. Special thanks to the Field Exam Scholarship Sponsors: Accella Spray Products (formerly Premium Spray Products), CJ Spray, Covestro, Demilec, Foam Supplies Inc., General Coatings, Graco, IDI, Progressive, Quadrant, SES, Spray Foam Distributing, Spray Foam Distributors of NE.

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7 am: Registration Opens
8 am – 4 pm:
SPFA PCP Field Exams -- Parking Deck 1
SPFA PCP Exam Prep Course -- Salon 5-8
ABAA Certified Applicator Training -- Salon 4
SPFA PCP & ABAA Written Exams -- Signature 1
9 - 11 pm: SPFA Hospitality Suite

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You Talk, We Listen
Want to be sure you know about everything going on during Sprayfoam 2016? A good start would be to check your inbox every morning during the show for our Conference Daily eNewsletter. If you are signed up to receive SPFA’s bi-weekly eNewsletter, you will automatically receive our Conference Daily eNewsletter. Or sign up here.

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If you are posting images, feedback or notes about Sprayfoam 2016, be sure to include this hashtag in the post: #SPFAShow. Including this hashtag in your post will ensure everyone else at the show who is following the events on social media will see it!
Also, be sure to look for Shani Calvo when making your rounds. She'll be collecting feedback and information to include in the Sprayfoam 2016 Conference Daily eNewsletter, as well as scouting around for good article ideas for the magazine. Share your stories!

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The Social Side
Be sure to download the SPFA Sprayfoam 2016 Convention App while you are at the show! Have the entire convention in your pocket and all event information at your fingertips. This event app allows you access to everything you need to get the most out of your event.

Search "Sprayfoam 2016" in the Amazon Appstore or Google Play Store.

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Conference Sponsors
It is thanks to these Sprayfoam 2016 sponsors that the annual SPFA Conference & Expo continues to provide top-notch learning, networking and education to professionals in all aspects of the sprayfoam industry.

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