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Tis the season to be thankful and I am very thankful. I am grateful and thankful for the opportunity to be your President of this great association. I am thankful for the good fortune our industry has seen this year. I am thankful for you - our members. I am thankful for you - our volunteers. I am thankful for you - our staff. I am thankful for all of you who support AANM.
I would like to express my sincere gratitude and thankfulness for the Veterans in our communities in New Mexico. Thank you to all our military personnel and their families. Thank you for serving our country and protecting our freedom.
I am proud we have chosen to continue our support of the Veterans Integration Center ("The VIC"). As of this writing, we have raised over $11,000 for the VIC and our Annual Charity Gala is still to come this Friday, November 17th.
Check out the AANM Member Budget Guide to help you plan for events, education, and membership in your 2018 budget.
While the holiday season can be a festive time full of friends and family, shared meals, and gatherings, it can be a time of added stress. There’s always the expectation that everything will go smoothly, and that everything has to go smoothly. Yeah, right!
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AANM offers over 500 hours of education every year.

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December 7th 9am-1pm
Toni Blake will show you a series of simple repeatable solutions, collaboration techniques, resources, and tools to reduce conflict. Learn how to improve communication, see other points of view, understand the human ego and find agreement. Save your precious time and energy for productive collaboration with your team and bring the DRAMA Curtain down in your office!
Did you know that AANM members receive a $5 discount to attend any of the Webinar Wednesday series through Multifamily Insiders? Simply enter the promo code 16AANM to discount your registration!
Can’t get out of the office, but recognize the importance of industry education? AANM offers monthly "TeleForums."
Calendar of Events
Stay up to date on networking and events on the AANM calendar.
You can still donate and 100% of your contribution will go directly to the Veterans Integration Centers of NM.
Join your peers from the Santa Fe area for an extended lunch and learn. Share best practices for challenges and growth.
Ballots for the 2018 Board of Directors will be hitting your mailboxes this week. Please take a moment to complete and return to the AANM office by December 6th.
Celebrate the end of a year with recognition of volunteer leaders, installation of the 2018 Board of Directors, and a fabulous keynote to recharge your batteries as you head into the busy holiday season.
Unwind with light conversation and perhaps a cocktail after work with your coworkers and peers from the industry.
Appetizers and drinks are provided.
When it comes to tax reform, the stakes couldn’t be higher. Smart tax policy isn’t merely a game changer for the businesses, investors and entrepreneurs who develop and manage apartments; it’s a life changer for the people whose jobs depend on the industry, for the families they support, and for all Americans who make apartments their homes.
As many of you know, the even numbered years result in a 30-day Legislative Session for the State of New Mexico. Additionally, it means that only bills germane to the budget are considered for the session. That is, unless the Governor puts a particular bill "on the call." At the 2017 Legislative Session, AANM sponsored a bill (HB413) that was given a unanimous do pass from the House Business Industry and Commerce committee. On Monday, November 13th, members of the Government Affairs Committee (GAC) met with Matthew Stackpole, Deputy General Counsel to educate him, and thus the Governor, on the importance of this legislation being heard in the 2018 Legislative Session.
The meeting, which was attended by Steven Phillips (GAC Chair), Chuck Sheldon (GAC Vice Chair), Gene Vance (AANM Legal Counsel), and Kelle Senyé (AANM Executive Director), and Joe Thompson (AANM lobbyist) received positive response from Mr. Stackpole. while we wait to hear if the Governor will put this on the call, the GAC willl consider the Legislators that we want to sponsor the bill.
Under our New Mexico Uniform Owner-Resident Relations Act, a resident who disturbs others, commits crimes, damages the property or holds over after the lease has ended can be evicted only after notice and a trial that provides due process of law. However, there is a major flaw in the statute which is allowing some of the worst offenders to remain on the property for years, continuing to disturb and endanger others after that trial. The sheriff cannot carry out the eviction if the resident files a one sentence notice of appeal. Whether there are reasons for the appeal or not, the resident stays in the apartment until the appeal is decided. In the normal caseload, this means a dangerous resident will stay months after the trial which resulted in the eviction, without so much as proving a single error in his trial. In the current backlog, the offending resident can remain a nuisance or danger to his neighbors for a year or more. Moreover, residents are filing repeated appeals in the same case, and they remain on the property until the repeated groundless appeals are dismissed. The automatic stay on appeal needs to be abolished for cases not based upon nonpayment of rent, and these cases should be treated like other civil cases and allowing a stay only on a bond and terms set by the trial court.
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Member News/Resources
2017 AMSTR is available. AANM Members receive a complimentary summary of ABQ/SF/RR area. The full report is available in PDF or print versions to members and in print version only to non-members.
AANM members and their families receive a discounted nightly room rate of $114 for single and double occupancy, including complimentary high-speed wireless internet, at the Sheraton Albuquerque Uptown. Employees of member companies can use this discount for visiting owners, regional managers, etc. This rate also applies to family visiting from out of town! Individual reservations can be made through their website (link below) or by calling 1-800-325-3535.
One of the many benefits AANM members receive is an active database of resumes from current job seekers as well as the opportunity to post open positions. Primary and Associate members are encouraged to use this valuable tool.
Post jobs:
Browse the resume database:
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2. Click on "CREATE AN ACCOUNT."
3. On the Membership & Account Access, click again on "CREATE AN ACCOUNT."
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Hint: Your "Parent Company" is the property that you work for, unless you work directly for the corporate office. For vendors members, it’s simply your company.
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