Business Operations Related to the Pandemic – Thanks for Your Responses

We want to thank all of the agencies who responded to our questions related to business operations and the pandemic.  Perhaps we should have said this up front, but IIAV outsourced the survey and we only saw the aggregated responses and therefore could not see how any specific agency responded to our questions.  That said, the responses were quite enlightening though general in nature.  Clearly it would be as helpful to identify large agency vs. small and rural vs. urban.  Here are the responses we received:

1.       How would you characterize your business operations?

a.      44% are back in the office

b.      24% has a modified work from home policy for staff

c.      32% the office is primarily on a work from home basis


2.      Do you have an anticipated return to the office date?

a.      56% do not

b.      44% do and of those

                                                    i.     34% said June

                                                   ii.     50% said July

                                                  iii.     8% said August

                                                  iv.     8% said September


3.      Will your agency explore a more flexible work from home policy in the future?

a.      64% said yes

b.      36% said no


4.      Will your agency require employees to be vaccinated as allowed by law?

a.      5% said yes

b.      95% said no


5.      When asked abut the percentage of employees who have been vaccinated, the average was 70% of the office has been vaccinated


6.      Is your office opened to clients?

a.      38% - Yes, with no appointment required

b.      52% - Yes, with appointment

c.      10% - office is not open for clients


7.      Is your office opened for company rep visits?

a.      21% - Yes, with no appointment required

b.      56% - Yes, with appointment

c.      23% - No, office is not open for visitors


Again, thanks for your time and response. This information will also be reported in the next issue of our monthly e-newsletter but we wanted you to have the results as soon as possible.

NOTE: Don’t forget that the Affinity HR Group — IIAV’s endorsed HR specialists — can help in your transition process and can even help devise work from home policies. You can reach them at



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