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June 2021

A Question of Value with David Dillon

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As we move into the second half of the year, we may need to do a reality check on our progress toward goals and commitments to the agency. In some cases we may need to make some halftime adjustments,

An agency success and value story is often driven by growth, and growth is a function of a sound marketing strategy. Now is the time to again ask the tough questions. Are your target market, ideal client and service niche still valid? How have the needs and desires of your target market changed? Is your value proposition still compelling to customers and prospects right now? Is your messaging still appropriate? How have the players in your agency ecosystem changed?

Next steps: Schedule time to evaluate whether changes to your marketing strategy are needed. Challenge the assumptions for your market risks, threats and opportunities. Adjust where necessary so that you are positioned for success in the second half.

David J. Dillon, Principal

Watney Insights Network, Inc.
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