Hello, AGCVA! My name is Patrick Barbier, and I’m proud to serve as chair of the 2024 Convention Committee. Last week, I had a little fun with fellow board member Rob Kerr filming a video about the convention moving to February this year. If you haven’t seen it, check it out here.  

Now, I am standing in for our Chair, Don Sproul, to share a bit more with you about convention.  

First, as we humorously mention in the video, the convention will take place in February, not January...

Please join us in celebrating the membership anniversaries of these longtime AGCVA members! 

Each month, we recognize those celebrating 50 or more years, 40 years, 25 years, 10 years, and 5 years of membership. 

We applaud each of you for your commitment to AGCVA. 

By virtue of your membership, you have made the AGCVA community stronger and have shown tremendous leadership and dedication to the industry. We are proud to serve each of you, and we thank you for your membership in AGCVA. 


AGCVA members have been up to a lot in the last month! 

We are thrilled to recognize these accomplishments and recognitions, and we encourage you to connect with your fellow members and extend your congratulations!

CEO's Corner

AGC of America provides resources for your construction firms to be prepared for the new Davis Bacon final rule requirements as it also readies a rifle shot legal challenge in court.

The U.S. Department of Labor’s massive final rule “Updating the Davis-Bacon and Related Acts Regulations” took effect on all new contracts awarded on and after October 23, with limited exceptions.

In short, these wage rules now apply to a host of additional projects in Virginia, even those which are not directly federally funded. We encourage you to review the information and/or consult your attorney to be aware of how it may impact your projects.

Click below to access a number of resources from AGC of America and be on the lookut for additional information from AGCVA.

AGC of America

The Associated General Contractors of America filed suit on November 7 in federal court to block the Biden Administration’s unlawful effort to expand the reach of a decades-old law that governs wage rates on federally funded construction projects. Association officials noted that the administration lacks the legal authority to expand the law to cover manufacturing facilities miles away from projects, or to retroactively impose the measure on already-executed contracts, among other concerns.

AGC of America
Join AGC of America in exploring the dynamic intersection of cybersecurity and the commercial construction industry. Guest CJ Dietzman at Alliant Insurance Services talks about the latest trends in cyber threats, risk-management strategies and innovative solutions shaping the future of digital resilience on construction sites.

Don't miss this insightful episode for a blueprint for safeguarding your projects against evolving cyber challenges.

AGC of America

The Department of Energy is proposing to ease environmental reviews for certain energy storage, solar and rebuilt or upgraded transmission projects on federal land.

Those types of projects — given their limited effect on the environment — would be eligible for “categorical exclusions” under the proposal published Thursday in the Federal Register.

Construction Dive

Scaffolding Solutions, LLC
The various elements of cybersecurity may seem overwhelming, however taking simple steps, including consulting with a local expert, can go a long way toward protecting your business.

For Construction Pros
Understanding the common causes of cost disputes and overruns can help contractors avoid them, according to the latest Crux report.

Construction Dive
Each year around this time, AGC of America asks members to predict what next year will be like for your business.

AGC has partnered with Sage to prepare questions that focus on expectations for market performance, hiring, labor market conditions, etc.

Please take a moment to complete the survey. AGC of America will use the survey results to help make the case with elected and appointed officials in support of key member priorities.

The more people who complete the survey by Thursday, Dec. 7, the more effective the results will be in supporting our work on your behalf.
From well-known names to emerging sites, there are a lot of online options to help contractors make the perfect hire.

Construction Dive
Construction workers are responsible for building the places where we spend our lives — our homes, offices, stores and communities. Yet these workers face some of the greatest risks on the job: Ranked fourth on the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) list of most dangerous jobs, there must be a continual concerted effort to keep construction workers safe from hazards on job sites. 

OH&S Online

UBC Faculty of Applied Science researchers are transforming construction vehicles — think cranes, forklifts and excavators — into smart construction robots powered by AI.

Structural engineer Dr. Tony Yang, a professor of civil engineering and lead researcher of the Smart Structures lab, explains how these robots will help to speed up construction times, make construction sites safer, and address labour shortages in the industry.

                                                          World Construction Today

2024 Annual Convention

Resilience is defined as the capacity to withstand or recover quickly from difficulties; in short, it’s described as “toughness.”

The world around us has given us great need for the ability to be tough: economic instability; critical labor shortages; supply chain issues; inflation; global unrest. The list goes on.

These are significant challenges, which makes the need for resilience even greater.

While many things are uncertain, one thing is not. We are stronger together. Your community is comprised of more than 500 well-respected industry leaders; you are connected to thousands of construction professionals who have faced tough times before and have overcome them.

We have stood together, weathering many fierce storms, and we will weather many more to come. We invite you to stand with us as we face both challenge and opportunity together, building resilience that cannot be shaken. 

Before you register, check out this important reminder from Patrick Barbier and Rob Kerr.

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