After visiting The Greenbrier - America's Resort, I can't help but to feel not only recharged, but truly inspired by the members in our association. It was great to have time to connect and engage with each of you. The AGCVA Convention is a time to allow our teams to recharge and make new connections to move our organizations forward. Our 2022 Chair, Anthony Smith, along with the members of the Convention Committee did a fantastic job. AGCVA CEO, Brandon Robinson and the creative AGCVA staff worked diligently to ensure all details were presented to everyone. I hope you take this time to reflect back on the information given as well as relationships created and encourage others to get involved on your team to allow this association to continue to grow and excel in the future. We are very blessed to work with a group who is dedicated and enthusiastic about this association.

Please join us in celebrating the membership anniversaries of these longtime AGCVA members! 

Each month, we recognize those celebrating 50 or more years, 40 years, 25 years, 10 years, and 5 years of membership.

We applaud each of you for your commitment to AGCVA.

By virtue of your membership, you have made the AGCVA community stronger and shown tremendous leadership and dedication to the industry. We are proud to serve each of you and we thank you for your membership in AGCVA.
AGCVA members have been up to a lot in the last month!  We are thrilled to spotlight these accomplishments and recognitions, and we encourage you to connect with your fellow members to extend your congratulations!
Builders are bullish on infrastructure work this year thanks to federal funding, but expect supply chain snarls and hiring difficulties to persist, according to Associated General Contractors of America’s 2023 Construction Outlook National Survey. 
Inflation. Labor scarcity. A broken supply chain. These persisting conditions won't magically disappear with the new year. Yet 2023 does mark new opportunity for construction leaders to improve project outcomes—with deeper insight on price changes.
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The passing of the Inflation Reduction Act provides numerous tax advantages for construction and development. One of these incentives is the redevelopment and expansion of the 179D Commercial Buildings Energy-Efficiency Tax Deduction, created to encourage those in the industry to go green on future projects while making money back on their investment.
he Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) promised in a March 2022 hearing to address what it considered to be “severe and pervasive” discrimination in the construction sector. According to EEOC Chair Charlotte Burrows, “[M]any women and people of color have either been shut out of construction jobs or face discrimination that limits their ability to thrive in these careers.”
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Last year marked the second iteration of Construction Inclusion Week, our industry’s grassroots effort to bring necessary conversations around diversity, equity and inclusion to every jobsite and corner office in the business. 2023 needs to be the year we turn those conversations into action.

Imagine a future where your company is equipped with qualified, talented people. Imagine a growing pipeline of individuals preparing to step into roles and keep your company moving forward. Imagine concerns about finding your next hires are a thing of the past. Learn more about how AGCVA's Workforce Partners can help! 
The National AGC Safety Awards (NASA) program has been an ongoing effort since 1991, offering AGC members the opportunity to evaluate their safety record and compare it with other AGC members according to member size and construction type. The NASA program also provides a great opportunity to recognize, at a national level, members who have excellent safety records.
When the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) arrives at a construction site for an inspection, knowing the OSHA requirements for the industry is extremely important to keep business moving. OSHA targets the construction industry like no other because operations are often in clear view and because the industry accounts for more occupational injuries than any other.
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