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A Word From AGCVA Chair, Anthony Smith

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Brandon Robinson and I just returned from three very busy days of multiple breakout sessions, panels, and keynote speakers at AGC of America's National Chapter Leadership Conference (NCLC). This is an annual conference held in Washington, D.C., involving all AGC chapter leaders in the nation coming together to share their knowledge on how to better serve our members overall. Your membership has real benefits, not only those exclusive to our AGCVA members, but as a member of AGCVA you also have full access to the many benefits available through AGC of America. I often use the saying “you can bring a horse to water, but can’t make them drink” when discussing AGC member value. I am going to lead you to a pool with just a few of the member benefits of AGC America – I hope you’ll have a sip.
Advocate: Many of you know and understand how hard AGCVA staff and fellow members work on our behalf in Richmond, but you have a equally dedicated and effective team working for you in Washington as well. First and foremost, I would like for each of you to sign up for the AGC of America Legislative Action Alerts These have a very similar format to the statewide alerts from AGCVA, and you can sign up and respond in less than a minute when they are issued. Your response goes directly to your legislator; and their teams are closely watching the responses from constituents. In other words, in 60 seconds or less, you can have tremendous impact. There are currently federal PLA mandates, apprenticeship requirements, environmental reporting requirements, and an OSHA heat standard looming over our industry. Use these AGC resources to educate yourself. I also ask that you seriously consider giving to AGC of America's PAC to help combat damaging regulations.
Grow: In addition to the many training offerings through AGCVA, you can facilitate your employees' professional development through AGC America training programs. It can be difficult to travel for in person training, so AGC Edge is a new online program that making some of the same great training opportunities available to you virtually. AGCVA receives a portion of the proceeds when members from Virginia register, so don’t hesitate to check it out these virtual options to keep your team connected with best practices and quality training opportunities.
The school of hard knocks is a tough instructor, that’s why AGC created their Emerging Contractors Education Series. Let AGC help you overcome the challenges all small emerging businesses face with this 12-part video series focused on helping your business thrive and grow. What makes this series is unique is that you'll hear directly from contractors that have already paved the road to success. The program is free to members and non-members, and I encourage you to check it out.
Connect: Chapter outreach is a huge part of the AGC America message. As a member of AGCVA, if you find yourself doing business in another state, reach out to the local chapter for insight on local subcontractors, suppliers, or any other assistance your find yourself needing. AGC also maintains an amazing array of benefit programs designed to help members save real money. Last year AGC members saved over 18 million dollars using these programs. So many costs are increasing, so I encourage you to sign up today and start saving!
I have just touched the surface of all that your membership in AGCVA gives you access to at the national level. I’ve lead you to the water, just take a sip!


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