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A Word From AGCVA Chairman, Trip Smith

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Greetings, AGCVA members,

This week, your organization's primary contact received an email to renew your company's AGCVA membership. This is a significant change from the paper invoice your company has received in the past, and it will simplify your membership renewal process considerably. In a matter of a few simple clicks, you can quickly update your organization''s information, and pay electronically to renew your membership, providing your entire company with continued access to benefits in the coming year. 

While only the primary contacts for each company received this email, it's important that all of us within the membership be aware that the membership renewal process is underway. A growing number of members have already successfully completed the process and have shared that it was both quick and easy to do so. 

So why should you renew? Simply put, this provides everyone in your organization with continued access to member benefits that serve us all so well. For nearly 100 years, AGCVA has been a leader in Virginia''s construction industry, advocating for all of us, and providing us each with countless opportunities to develop new connections and deepen existing ones.

We're building on this strong foundation and there is a lot in store for AGCVA, for us as members, and for our entire industry as we look toward celebrating our 100th year in 2024. Just last week, the Board of Directors approved a new strategic vision. This vision is built on three major pillars, laying the groundwork for important work that our association will be doing on our behalf. I'm thrilled to share these three pillars with you and even more excited to see them put into action.               

ADVOCATE: AGCVA is the voice of the construction industry in the public space and among legislators and regulators. While this has always been the case, we will both see and benefit from extra effort on this front. From deepening relationships with lawmakers and regulators, to helping those decision-makers better understand the needs of the industry, to shining a spotlight on us as AGCVA members and the crucial work we are doing every day, AGCVA will be advocating tirelessly for all of us.

GROW: AGCVA focuses on programs and services that grow our member businesses and advance the industry as a whole. Construction is critical to society, and therefore we will see intensified focus on expanding and strengthening our workforce. First, AGCVA will give dedicated focus to creating a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive industry. Additionally, as an association we''ll be ramping up efforts to build and develop a robust talent pipeline, further strengthening the backbone of the industry. And finally, we''ll enhance the quality of our safety leadership, to ensure that all members of our teams can count on both a safe work environment and the ability to return home to their families each evening.

CONNECT: AGCVA creates connections that add value for us as members and expand our community. We all value the ability to make new connections and deepen existing ones. It also goes without saying just how valuable a strong professional network is to the success of our businesses. Therefore, AGCVA will be concentrating efforts on providing additional support across our districts to help facilitate opportunities for connection, as well as engagement of members. We''re also focusing on additional collaborations with like-minded organizations and associations, which expands the network for each of us as AGCVA members.

In addition to these pillars, AGCVA's CEO, Brandon Robinson is realigning the staff and resources to better serve us, AGCVA members, and to provide additional support to our districts, who are the boots on the ground for our association.  

I want to thank the board of directors for their leadership and hard work at the fall board meeting approving the strategic plan, associated business plan, and budget for FY2022. My thanks also to the district leaders and members for their input and contributions to our plans.

It''s great to see everyone at meetings again! Register now for the AGCVA Winter Convention! It''s our biggest and best event of the year and we will be gathering in-person again in January of 2022. I hope to see you not only at The Greenbrier, but at a number of events we have coming up between now and the end of the year!


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