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From the VBA

This month, bankers across the state are celebrating Financial Literacy Month. In 2000, the Jump$tart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy began promoting April as Financial Literacy Month. In 2003, April was declared as Financial Literacy Month for the first time by the U.S. Senate and Financial Literacy Day on the Hill was founded. The goal of Financial Literacy Month is to highlight the importance of financial literacy as an essential life skill.

As a part of the celebrations, the VBA has developed a Social Media Share Campaign featuring money management tips for all age groups. You can view a customizable press release, social media images and other resources to use in your communications channels this month here. The more bank participation, the stronger the message we can send about the integral role banks play in promoting financial literacy among youth, adults and senior citizens across the Commonwealth.

Bankers will also participate in Teach Children to Save (TCTS) throughout the month of April. Twenty-six Virginia banks are registered to make presentations to more than 10,000 students. TCTS will officially be celebrated this Friday, but bankers are encouraged to make presentations at any point during the year.
Follow the VBA on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram this month for more information and updates about financial literacy month. Contact Monica McDearmon with questions about this campaign or any of the VBA financial literacy efforts.

Most Reciprocal Deposits No longer Brokered.
Promontory Interfinancial Network
Recently passed legislation—the Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief, and Consumer Protection Act—makes most reciprocal deposits no longer brokered. This means more deposits in local banks that can be used for local lending, bank growth, and community prosperity.
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Bankers On The Move & Recent Promotions

American National Bank & Trust Co.
Carolyn Compton – Vice President, Corporate and Shareholder Services

C&F Bank
Linnett Fortner – Portfolio Manager
Phil Hager – Senior Commercial Executive

F&M Bank
Barbara Bartley – Assistant Vice President
Jackie Burner – Vice President
Kay Dean – Vice President
Kelsey Dean – Bank Officer
Sharrie Harrison – Bank Officer
Jessica Luce – Bank Officer
Ashley McClure – Bank Officer
Donna O’Byrne – Bank Officer

MainStreet Bank
Bruce Gemmill – Senior Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer

Pendleton Community Bank
Monika Eckard – Vice President, Human Resources

Pinnacle Financial Partners
Candace Benson – Financial Advisor Assistant
Rob Mangus – Senior Vice President, Financial Advisor

Cameron Agricola – Vice President, Senior Commercial Portfolio Manager
Trish Gill – Vice President, Human Resources Benefits Manager
Nerissa Smith – Assistant Vice President

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Industry News & Trends
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From VBA Partners
2018 was a rather exciting year for banking compliance, and in light of that 2019 has a lot to live up to. Here, Sarah Sauceda from VBA Endorsed Provider Compliance Alliance, shares thoughts on what to expect in 2019 and how to prepare your institution.