VBA Announces New Endorsed Provider: Genesys Technology Group
Genesys Technology Group was founded in 2007 to be an advocate for the community bank and take the guesswork out of core contract negotiations. Genesys offers fully managed renewal negotiations as well as core vendor due-diligence services and also specializes in the evaluation of mission-critical fintech and third-party systems. Furthermore, Genesys provides on-going support such as invoice audit services, conversion management, new product installation, and project management. To learn more, visit vabankers.org/endorsed-provider/genesys-technology-group-llc.

New Associate Members

Correspondent Bank/Financial Institutions

Atlantic Capital Bank
Atlantic Capital Bank is a full service corporate and commercial bank that is based in Atlanta, Ga. In their Virginia market, they are focused solely on SBA Lending. For more information, visit www.atlanticcapitalbank.com.

Mortgage & Real Estate Services/Employee Benefits
Southern Trust Mortgage
A regional mortgage lender headquartered in Virginia Beach, Southern Trust Mortgage has been offering residential mortgage loans for the past 22 years to their communities. Sonabank is their banking partner and they are members of several associations in their communities, but in particular, they are a member of the Virginia Mortgage Bankers Association. They are looking to continue to build a strong presence in the industry as they grow and expand. For more information, visit www.southerntrust.com.

IT Consulting & Services/Security Services
Inceptus focuses on helping businesses deal with the increasing risks and impact of cyber attacks. By combining a proprietary blend of cloud-based technologies, advanced data analytics, exclusive threat intelligence and highly skilled security analysts, Inceptus offers 24/7/365 managed cyber services that are reasonably priced and can keep out even the most determined adversaries. They make cyber simple! For more information, visit www.inceptussecure.com.

Credit & Lending Resources/Mortgage & Real Estate Services
A&D Mortgage LLC
A&D Mortgage is a full-service lender, offering the wide spectrum of conventional and non-QM mortgage products. Their knowledgeable team of experts will constantly impress you with the first-class service that you have never experienced. At A&D Mortgage, their core strengths are personal touch and unique products. Their employees are their most valuable resource and their knowledge and expertise play an important role in achieving their client's goals. For more information, visit www.admortgage.com.

New Financial Services Associate Members

Law Firms

Gentry Locke
With over 60 lawyers practicing from its offices in Roanoke, Lynchburg and Richmond, Gentry Locke attorneys help companies and individuals meet legal challenges. They offer transactional services to help clients realize their financial goals and have a team of experienced trial lawyers who are driven to protect clients' interests. For more information, visit www.gentrylocke.com.

Compliance Services
AML Sentinel Corp.
AML Sentinel Corp. is a full service AML outsource provider that performs AML services, which include CTR, 314a, transaction monitoring, alert tuning, investigations and no-file and SAR documentation. Each bank gets the benefits of deep industry expertise, cutting edge technology and analytical capabilities. For more information, visit www.amlsentinel.com.