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Statewide News
Find out what's going on nationally and keep updated on NAA.
Industry News
There are dozens of apps available to help property managers. The best ones are the apps that save us time. How do you cut through the clutter to find them? By Nick Frantz
An interview with Nick Maryol, owner of Tia Sophia's, an award-winning restaurant in Santa Fe, New Mexico
By Larry Johnson
After 38 years in the multifamily business, the two most important questions I have for housing applicants are still the same:

"Do you pay your rent on time?" and "Do you play well with others?"

Sure, we need to verify their answers, verify the number of occupants, and check out some other stuff like employment and rental payment history and maybe credit rating if your company needs that information. Other than that, what else matters?

In a word: Nothing.

So do we care about – or need to know about – someone’s sexual orientation or gender identity?
By Patty Morgan Seager, Seager Marketing
Property managers are starting to cater to the next big rental market; Generation Yers. With an estimated 80 million people born between 1978 and 1995, Gen Yers can be a great group to target as prospective tenants. According to a study by Pew Research Center, they are less likely to buy a home then previous generations and more likely to rent. To make your property attractive to these modern renters you will need to make sure you understand their needs and preferences. This means preventing mistakes that will send Gen Yers down the road to the next property.
If you want to succeed in life, you need to have people on your side! One of the most effective ways to win people over is to embrace who they are and what they bring to the table, even (and perhaps especially) if they're different from you!
We live in a real-time, social, mobile world - an era fueled by big data, consumer technologies and the digital economy. Digital information abounds; but, uncertainty prevails when it comes to the disruptive force of technology in today’s presented by Lauren Curley and Stephanie Anderson at the 2014 VAMA Conference with help from Tammy Longo.

By Lauren Curley
Industry Events and Education
HRAC’s Triple Play! Fair Housing, VRLTA Lease Basics, and Leasing 101 - May 21 & 22. This seminar package is great for leasing specialists who are just starting out in the industry or anyone who wants a refresher course on some of the important basics.
Power Hour - Here we come!
Local Chapter Updates
If you missed Patrick McCloud's presentation at Morning Coffee in April, click here for a recap.
Quick snapshot of last month's HRAC Career Fair
Brief run down Q & A on Matt Steinmetz with National Corporate Housing
Don't miss these exciting upcoming events and catch up on what happened at past events.


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