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The General Assembly has completed legislative work for the year and there are several bills that will affect operations onsite.  
-   Fair Housing in VA Will Have New Protected Classes
-   Residents Have the Right to Repair and Deduct Costs from Rent
     (in specific circumstances)
-   A Tenant Bill of Rights will be Developed and Apartment Staff
     will Distribute
-   Late Fees will Have a Cap
Richmond City Council has voted to end tax abatements for rehabilitations unless there is an affordable housing component.
This new fund is aimed at areas recovering from a diasaster as declared by POTUS.  

As you look forward to upcoming VAMA events, please know that all activities around the state will take place as planned, including the 3/20/20 ACE Awards in Norfolk, 3/25/20 Maintenance Mania in Richmond, and our 2020 VAMA Conference in Norfolk, VA on April 22nd - 24th.
The safety, health, and well-being of our members and guests is a top priority for VAMA. VAMA is monitoring guidance from the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) and Virginia Department of Health (VDH) very closely as it relates to Coronavirus (COVID-19) news, and at present there exist no travel restrictions or notices regarding public gatherings in the United States. We are working closely with the hotels and event locations to ensure they are taking extra sanitizing procedures and following recommended protocols.
We are committed to responsibly moving forward, and you will immediately be notified should any adjustments to our VAMA event schedule be necessitated.
Please click below for NAA's guidance and additional resources. We look forward to seeing you at one our upcoming events!
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A - 1 Asphalt Paving & Sealing
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Build Your Skills
It’s funny how people cringe with the mere mention of a job in “sales.” Even better, the reaction you get when you ask them to describe a salesperson. Yet, statistics show that 5% of self-made millionaires are men and women who are the top salespeople in their fields, making sales the fourth major source of self-made millionaires in America. (Tracey, 2020)
Drop the sales stigma and level up with these 7 sales tips used by the pros!
Escalating employee turnover is one of the biggest challenges facing multifamily supervisors today. It can seem as if your best employees are always the first to depart. Why is that? Sure, it’s easy for the most qualified individuals to find other, more attractive opportunities; that makes perfect sense. But the bigger question is: Why were they looking in the first place?
We know that when it comes to buying something, people don’t like “grouchy, uncaring, or lackluster” salespeople. So, here are some great ways to avoid those winter “dull drums” and maintain that positive spirit of good sales skills.
We could all use a halftime!
During this past Super Bowl (how long does that seem now?) much of the post-game attention was on the halftime show.  While Shakira and J-Lo were performing, the coaches and players weren’t just hanging out and watching the show, they were at work planning for the second half of the game. After all that is what halftime is for! To reflect on what worked, what didn’t work, and then create a plan to win the game.
Take a personal halftime and set your goals.
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Calendar Highlights
VAMA 2020 State Conference - April 22 - 24

CVAA 3/12/20 Mix & Mingle
RLRAC 3/13/20 Supplier Appreciation Social (Roanoke)
BRAC 3/17/20: Certified Pool Operator (CPO) Course
NRVAC 3/17/20 National Apartment Leasing Professional (NALP)
HRAC 3/20/20 ACE Awards Ceremony
VRHC 3/24/20 Lunch & Learn - Legislative Updates (Waynesboro)
HRAC 3/26/20 Events & Education Committee Meeting
BRAC 3/26/20 Membership Luncheon
CVAA 3/27/20 Morning Coffee Meeting - Fredericksburg
RLRAC 3/27/20 Supplier Appreciation Social (Lynchburg)
CVAA 3/31/20 Fair Housing Certification
CVAA 4/7/2020 Supplier Council Meeting
CVAA 4/8/20 Events and Education Committee Meeting
NRVAC 4/8/20 Educational Seminar
CVAA 4/15/20 National Apartment Leasing Professional (NALP)
RLRAC 4/15/20 Morning Membership Meeting (Roanoke)
HRAC 4/15 & 4/16 Certified Pool Operator (CPO)
RLRAC 4/16/20 Morning Membership Meeting (Lynchburg)
Have you ever wanted to earn your NAA Designation but couldn't get the funds from your company?  VAMA offers scholarships!   All scheduled classes are online at the VAMA Calendar of Events.
Apply for a scholarship today and earn a designation in 2020.
Development News
UVA has announced an initiative to build 1,000 affordable housing units in central VA on land it currently owns.  UVA plans to partner with affordable housing developers and managers.
An additional phase is planned for Village at Westlake after the initial 250+ were well absorbed.
The property will offer 70 one-bedroom and 5 two-bedroom market-rate apartments built next to the community garden in Manchester, just south of Richmond's downtown area.
A 168-unit tower is in the works, which plans to take advantage of the transportation corridor incentives.  The building is planned for the corner of Broad and Lombardy.
In an interesting property transfer, Park's Edge apartments' purchaser will not only have to win a bid but VHDA will have to approve the buyer due to financing.  The community is listed for sale at $7.7 Million.
Scott's Addition is getting a large new community along with retail development in Scott's Addition at projected spend of $32.4 Million.