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Registration for VAMA's Lobby Day on January 30, 2020 is open and waiting for YOU!  If you have never attended, don't worry, VAMA assigns group leaders so you will have a guide.  Register today!
In the long run, rent control makes rent more expensive - NAA has the data - NAA members should get up to speed and spread the word.
A Virginia Legislator is introducing legislation to eliminate the "single family" zoning designation to allow for denser development on all land such as duplexes.
After years of passing legislation attempting to solve their housing crisis, California is finally focusing on making it easier to build housing.  
First Atlantic Restoration Inc
Naylor Association Solutions
Build Your Skills
The best way to make housing affordable is to build more housing.
FREE COMPREHENSIVE SIDEWALK ASSESSMENT when scheduled in November or December
Concrete Jack/CJGeo
Concrete Jack is Virginia's leading Multifamily concrete repair company, specializing in trip hazard repair.
Problems we solve: Trip Hazards, Concrete Repair, New Concrete, Concrete Replacement, Settled Concrete, Sinkholes, Broken Concrete, Sinking Foundations, Curbs and more!
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Drucker and Falk, LLC
Naylor Association Solutions
Calendar Highlights
Have you ever wanted to earn your NAA Designation but couldn't get the funds from your company?  VAMA offers scholarships!   All scheduled classes are online at the VAMA Calendar of Events.
Apply for a scholarship today and earn a designation in 2020.
VRHC 1/15/20 Lunch & Learn (Winchester)
CVAA 1/17/20 RAMMY Awards Ceremony
BRAC 1/22/20 Morning Coffee
CVAA 1/22/20 608 Universal HVAC Certification
NRVAC 1/23/20 Membership Breakfast
HRAC 1/23/20 Digital Marketing Made Simple Seminar
RLRAC 1/24/20 Morning Membership Meeting (Roanoke)
VAMA 1/29/20 Volunteer Leadership Conference (Special Invite Only)
VAMA Lobby Day 1/30/2020
VRHC 2/4/20 Certified Apartment Manager (CAM) Course
RLRAC 2/6/20 CAMT Credential Program
VAMA 2/10/20 CAPS Credential
HRAC 2/12/20 Fair Housing Certification
BRAC 2/12/20 608 Universal HVAC Certification
BRAC 02/13/20 Fair Housing Certification Course
HRAC 2/13/20 Section 608 Universal HVAC Certification
CVAA 02/14/20 Morning Coffee Meeting
NRVAC 02/18/20 Fair Housing Certification
RLRAC 02/19/20 Fair Housing Certification Course
Development News
Apartment deals are priced at unprecedented levels.  Check out what cap rates have been and predictions of the future.
A 207-unit community is nearing completion with 27 leases signed from October - Mid December when residents began occupying.
A company seeking approval for student apartments on Virginia Avenue was surprised by the City's new process.  In the past "partial" approvals have been issued by the City but that will no longer be the case.
2019 Commercial Real Estate Review.
The Hill Building in Richmond's downtown sold at $166,666 per unit.
Chesterfield County has approved a project to bring 1250 more housing units, a hotel and other commercial space to the former Cloverleaf Mall area.
RRHA planned to tear down public housing and replace a with mixed use community.  HUD rejected the plan citing concerns regarding availability of housing at lower rent levels.