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Valley Rental Housing Council presented the APEX Awards in October.  Congratulations to all of the Nominees and Winners!
Industry is beginning to bail out CA from the housing crisis by pledging funds.
Petersburg is increasing its enforcement efforts focusing on dormant, blighted properties.
Emily Hamilton, a research fellow at George Mason University’s Mercatus Center, has undertaken an in-depth study of inclusionary zoning in the Washington-Baltimore metro.  One of the conclusions - jurisdictions with mandatory inclusionary zoning regulations reported 1% higher housing costs.
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Build Your Skills
Localities began offering incentives in "Opportunity Zones" but they aren't as easy to sell as was hoped.
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Concrete Jack/CJGeo
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Calendar Highlights
CVAA 11/15/19 Morning Coffee Meeting- Evictions
BRAC 11/15/19 Seminar - "Resident Retention Through Maintenance"
CVAA 11/15/19 Morning Coffee Meeting- Evictions
BRAC 11/15/19 Seminar - "Resident Retention Through Maintenance"
NRVAC 11/19/19 Breakfast Social
VAMA 11/20/19 Committee Meeting Day
BRAC 11/20/19 Committee Meeting Day
CVAA 11/21/19 Fair Housing Certification
HRAC 11/21/19 Events & Education Committee Meeting
RLRAC 11/22/19 Star Awards
HRAC 12/10/19 Fair Housing Certification
HRAC 12/11/19 Holiday Cocktail Party
BRAC 12/12/2019 Prestige Awards
NRVAC 12/17/19 Holiday Banquet & Awards
CVAA 12/19/19 Holiday Cocktail Party
CVAA 1/17/20 RAMMY Awards Ceremony
CVAA 1/22/20: 608 Universal HVAC Certification
RLRAC 2/6/20 CAMT Credential Program
VAMA 2/10/20 CAPS Credential
Development News
A new community at the far west edge of the Richmond metro area built a year ago recently sold to a Henrico-based company.
Roanoke builder Lucas Thornton plans to construct a large real estate development, house at least 100 new downtown residents and create offices for 200 additional people to work downtown after the Campbell Court Transportation Center is demolished.
Wilton Cos. has sold roughly half of their apartment units to Landmark Property Services, LLC. 
The Myrtles at Olde Towne, a 394-unit multifamily community in Portsmouth, sold for $43.35 million to Arlington-based Blackfin Real Estate Investors.
Chesterfied will get a new shopping center and instead of offices, there will be luxury apartments above the shops.  
The Sears at Regency Mall will be demolished and a multistory apartment building will be built. 
Setting a tone for future renovations along Main Street, these four apartments are the start of "urban" infill. 
Plans call for a four-story apartment complex with a 5,500-square-foot clubhouse and leasing office, pool, four-story parking garage, and multiple interior courtyard areas.
A new mid-rise building is 70% complete and the unique amenity was hoisted into place ... a vintage Airstream will be converted into a pool house/club room on the roof. 
Shiplock Views near Libby Hill site work began.  Units will range from 670 to 950 square feet, with monthly rents ranging from $1,300 to $2,300. Blundon said 75 percent of the units will be one-bedroom floor plans, while the rest will be two-bedroom residences.
Henrico has approved plans for a large mixed-use project across from Rocketts Landing dubbed Fulton Yard.