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NAA and NMHC have asked all VAMA members to complete the attached survey - you have until October 25th.  The news media and advocacy groups have convinced the country that there is an "eviction" crisis when we all know that eviction is a last resort.
Complete this survey and help set the eviction record for Virginia straight.
This election season is putting a spotlight on proffers in some parts of Virginia.  In Chesterfield, proffers were eliminated to encourage development in target areas...some people are arguing the success.  How are proffers decided in your area?  Do you know how your candidates plan to vote when proffers are discussed in your region?
The Federal Government began encouraging hospitals to use charity dollars for housing but instead of hospitals working with housing providers, some are becoming those providers themselves.
California has a new law allowing for "public" or state-run banks.  Supporters tout the move as a way to mandate and fund subsidized housing.
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When you hear the phrase "rent control," it is a good idea to have the facts ready.  Rent control is a failed experiment that ends up driving rental rates up in the long run.  
A study of Baltimore and D.C. inclusionary zoning policies has shown that the practice meant to increase access to affodable housing actually makes housing less affordable.
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Calendar Highlights
CVAA 10/17/19 Mini Con Trade Show & Seminar Series
HRAC 10/18/19 Morning Coffee Meeting - Robotic Apartment Communities
VRHC 10/18/19 Valley APEX Awards
BRAC 10/24/19 Maintenance Appreciation Bowling Tournament
BRAC 10/25/19 Fair Housing Certification
HRAC 10/30/19 Suppliers Meeting
HRAC 10/31/19 Events & Education Committee Meeting
CVAA 11/05/2019 Supplier Council Meeting
CVAA 11/5/19 Advisory Committee Meeting
HRAC 11/5/19 Advisory Committee Meeting
NRVAC 11/6/19 Advisory Committee Meeting
VRHC 11/7/19 Advisory Committee Meeting
RLRAC 11/7/19 Advisory Committee Meeting
BRAC 11/12/19 Advisory Committee Meeting
VRHC 11/12/19 Fair Housing Certification Course
BRAC 11/13/19 National Apartment Leasing Professional (NALP)
HRAC 11/13 & 11/14 Fall Workshop with Amy Kosnikowski Dilisio
CVAA 11/15/19 Morning Coffee Meeting- Evictions
BRAC 11/15/19 Seminar - "Resident Retention Through Maintenance"
NRVAC 11/19/19 Breakfast Social
Development News
Months after the rezoning request was approved, developers indicate relationships with the surrounding neighborhood occupants are getting better.  Town Council indicates this is a case of staying true to the promise of reducing sprawl but neighborhood residents are citing reduced property values.  Either way, the Shenandoah neighborhood is getting more development.
An Ohio based developer has purchased land in Richmond's Manchester area for $1.9 Million and has plans to develop for sale townhomes as well as a large apartment building.
Several new projects including hundreds of new apartments are under construction or will be in Scott's Addition in Richmond.
Located at 200 S. Mallory St. in the Phoebus neighborhood, the 5-acre development is underway near Interstate 64, 2 miles southeast of downtown Hampton and is planned to include 162 new apartments.
A new apartment building will be taller than most in Midlothian, signaling some changes in future zoning options.  
Developers are asking for land to be rezoned for multi-family and retail development to include several hundred apartments if approved.
The Chesterfield Courthouse area is set to see some major changes as developers move forward in the planning for over 600 homes (half apartments), retail and commercial spaces.
Developers want to build 700 apartments on a 13-acre tract in Innsbrook, a large office park in the far west end of greater Richmond.  Additionally, retail and commercial space is part of the plan.