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Virginia apartments and their residents contribute $78.2B to the state economy annually, supporting 367.4K jobs.  Check out for more information on how apartments support the economy.
NAA 2019 survey of operating income and expenses has been published and it shows a 9.8% increase to operating expenses over 2018.  Labor shortages and increased salaries contributed to the increase.
Charlottesville's Council is considering changing zoning so that multi-family housing can be built taller and with faster approval.  The catch - developers must include income restricted housing.
Property owners in Powhatan have brought a lawsuit against the Board of Supervisors for seeking to change the zoning of their property to agricultural from Residential Commercial. 
Is this an example of local government seeking to block mulit-family construction or just a change so that use matches zoning?  A Judge will have to decide.
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Build Your Skills
Millennials are calling BS on homeownership BUT traditional apartment communities are not necessarily what millennials want.
Charlottesville is changing their recycling program and this article is a great overview of how trash is handled statewide and in Charlottesville.  Changes will most likely be coming to all of the state's waste systems because many kinds of plastic are no longer accepted for recycling - those keurig cups are one kind ... how many does your leasing office use in a day?
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Calendar Highlights
2019 BRAC Prestige Awards - Individual Nominations
CVAA 9/18/19 CAMT Credential Program
HRAC 9/18/19 Fair Housing Certification
BRAC 9/18/19 Committee Meeting Day
RLRAC 9/19/19 Volunteer Days (Roanoke)
HRAC 9/19/19 Bus Tour
HRAC 9/20/19 Morning Coffee Meeting - Conflict Management
CVAA 9/24/19 Fair Housing Certification (SOLD OUT)
VAMA 9/25/19 Committee Meeting Day
RLRAC 9/25/19 Fair Housing Certification (Lynchburg)
HRAC 9/26/19 Events & Education Committee Meeting
RLRAC 9/26/2019 Advisory Committee Meeting
NRVAC 9/26/19 Fair Housing Certification
CVAA 10/1/2019 Supplier Council Meeting
RLRAC 10/3/19 Supplier Appreciation Social (Roanoke)
RLRAC 10/7/19 Certified Apartment Manager (CAM) Course
CVAA 10/9/19 Events and Education Committee Meeting
NRVAC 10/10/19 Trade Show & Maintenance Seminar
RLRAC 10/10/19 Supplier Appreciation Social (Forest)
RLRAC 10/15/19 Active Shooter Training (Roanoke)
HRAC 10/15/19 Maintenance Mania
VAMA 10/16/19 Board of Directors Meeting
CVAA 10/17/19 Mini Con Trade Show & Seminar Series
Development News
Greystar is in the early stages of planning for a 350 mixed-use project on 2.4 acres in Scott's Addition in Richmond.  This would be only the second "tall" project in the area.
A developer plans to renovate the Janney-Marshall Building on Frederick Street.  The 20,000 square foot building will be renovated for mixed-use, and the developer wants to increase the apartment quantity from 9 to 12.  This increase will require approal by city council.
An old railway yard near Rocketts Landing will be home to a new mixed-use development of more than 500 apartments and 100,000 square feet of commercial space.
Blacksburg Town Council does not want student housing on the old high school land and since the zoning is currently single-family, they can hold up development indefinitely.
Developers had planned multiple phases over several years but after a strong leasing season, they plan to build out the remaining apartment buildings asap.
A Henrico-based firm is planning "Scott's Collection," a conglomeration of several buildings to have several hundred apartments.
A developer is seeking approval to demolish the Artful Lodger building to build apartments with retail space.
The Farm Fresh on Laskin Road is on prime real estate and developers want to tear it down and go vertical with apartments.
Henrico County Board of Supervisors has approved rezoning to allow development of apartments at the shopping area.  
The site of the old Chesterfield Mall may be home to 1100 new apartments and other residential and retail offerings.  Landowners have joined forces to deveop the site cummunally.