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Make sure you are complying with the new state laws that took effect on July 1.  There are many changes to the eviction process this year!
Virginia's courts have upgraded their technology to allow for statewide criminal background searches.
CoStar recently announced their purchase of Off Campus Housing, a company with agreements to advertise apartments for 132 universities.
Two years ago, VAMA submitted a complaint to the Virginia Board of Counselors.  The Board of Counselors is the State board that provides oversight for Counselors, much like the Fair Housing Board provides oversight for our industry.  After a long investigative process, the Board fined a counselor for porviding an ESA letter without maintaining clinical records.  
This is a landmark decision that greatly benefits the disabled and the apartment industry. 
TAKE ACTION:  Next time you get a letter from an "online warehouse", call Elena Ferranti and she can help you file a complaint with the state.  
WARNING:  Every request for accommodation must be processed in a timely fashion.  Filing a complaint with the state does NOT mean that you can ignore a request.  All requests must be processed as though no complaint was filed.  
What does an individual need to earn to afford a two-bedroom apartment?  According to this article, if working for minimum wage, three full-time jobs would be necessary nationwide.
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Build Your Skills
Law students have developed an online tool for residents that helps communication.  Available in both English and Spanish, www.Hello, encourages residents to have open communication with their management office.  
Low Income Housing Tax Credits expire after 15 years.  What options do General Partners have at this crucial phase?
This article says a renter tax credit would hurt. What do you think?  
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Calendar Highlights
VRHC 2019 APEX Awards - Individual Nominations Open Until July 26
2019 RLRAC Star Awards - Individual Nominations Open Until Aug 16
HRAC 7/12/19 Field Day
HRAC 7/18/19 Everyday Financial Management Seminar
CVAA 7/19/19 Annual July Breakfast
HRAC 7/19/19 Morning Coffee Meeting - Contract Negotiations & Budgeting
CVAA 7/23/19 Fair Housing Certification
BRAC 7/24/19 Supplier-Only Happy Hour
CVAA 8/8/19 Morning Coffee Meeting
HRAC 8/8/19 Supplier Speed Dating
HRAC 8/14/19 Active Shooter Training
CVAA 8/15/19 Active Shooter Training
Development News
The Park at Salisbury (Midlothian) and Garden Springs (Chester) were sold to Kushner Cos.
Friendship Court, long in need of redevelopment, has finally secured financing from VHDA to begin work on the rehab of the entire property.
A Developer wants to build a $100 Million mixed use project in Manakin-Sabot to include 224 Apartments.
The Ice House Apartments in Harrisonburg are nearing completion and will add 38 additional apartments in the final phase.
A Carolina developer wants to build 535 apartments near Rocketts Landing.  If approved, construction could start in 2020.
A Developer is seeking approval for a block long project which will house over 800 bedrooms of multifamily.  
The university anticipates a challenge of housing about 1,000 more students who have indicated they want to live on campus in traditional dorms. He said the university can “comfortably” add about 500 beds in existing housing across campus. The other 500 will be found housing off campus in either apartment complexes or hotels through the university.
The remaining 72 units of the Links Condominiums in Glen Allen have sold in bulk for $7.8 Million.  All of these units are on the rental market and many of the "owned" units are rented out by the onsite management office.