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HUD receives serious criticism in the latest report from Congressional watchdog.
Lynchburg City Council voted to purchase several new containers and to increase fees for eviction trash clean up left out after 72 hours.
Ground Maintenance & Landscaping With a Manicured Touch
A Lawn Beautician
We perform a number of grounds maintenance and related services on HOA's, Commercial, Industrial, Multi-Family, and the Public. We are Large Acreage Specialists. Our services include but are not limited to * Mowing Duties * Irrigation Service and Repair * Pruning * Mulching * Chemical treatments for turf and tree/shrubs* Tree Services * Landscape installation projects * Drainage Solutions * Snow Removal
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The bottom line - rent control does long-term harm for short-term gain.
First Atlantic Restoration Inc
Belfor USA
The Albemarle budget does not include additional funds for housing support for the poor and elderly despite requests from nonprofit organizations.
Build Your Skills
Are your team members fully trained on the Service Members Civil Relief Act?  The Fair Housing Act?  The VRLTA?  This article is an example of how damaging failing to provide consistent and comprehensive training to your onsite teams. 
Head of HR for Netflix reveals the one question that you should ask yourself if you are wondering whether or not to fire an employee.
Your Solution to Saving Thousands of Dollars a Year in Repairs
Tidewater Roofing
At Tidewater Roofing, we’ve created unique food-sponsored programs, where you can learn more about the roofing industry and what we have to offer. Tidewater Roofing will provide a Panera BREAKFAST, LUNCH, or EVENING DESSERT, while we talk to you about how to protect your clients/tenants + their investments, save time + money, and what to expect from superb customer service. As the Property Manager/Facilities Director, you get to SIT BACK AND RELAX!
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Calendar Highlights
VRHC APEX Awards - Community Nominations Close 4/19/19
CVAA 4/16 & 4/17 CVAA Triple Play
HRAC 4/17 & 4/18 Certified Pool Operator (CPO)
RLRAC 4/17/19 Morning Membership Meeting (Roanoke)
HRAC 4/18/19 Events & Education Committee Meeting
RLRAC 4/18/19 Morning Membership Meeting (Lynchburg)
VAMA 2019 State Conference - April 24th - 26th - SOLD OUT!!!
VAMA 4/24/19 Board of Directors Meeting
BRAC 4/29/19 Tammy Garrison Community Service - Food Drive
NRVAC 4/30/19 Mix & Mingle
RLRAC 5/2/19 CPO Seminar
HRAC 5/7/19 Certified Apartment Manager (CAM)
CVAA 5/9/19 Supplier Speed Dating
RLRAC 5/9/19 Mini-Con (VRLTA training and more)
VRHC 5/9/19 Advisory Committee Meeting
BRAC 5/14/19 Advisory Committee Meeting
CVAA 5/15/19 Events and Education Committee Meeting
CVAA 5/16/19 Golf Tournament
VRHC 5/16/19 Mix & Mingle 
Drucker and Falk, LLC
Quality Seal Coating & Sport Surfaces, LLC
Development News
Roanoke City Council has rezoned part of northeast Roanoke to make room for apartments.
Changes to the City's program could be coming after a study conducted by VCU.  The program is geared toward rehabilitation of distressed properties in low income areas.
Portsmouth is slowly and quitely reshaping their public housing - find out how.
The Buffalo Wild Wings building in downtown Richmond has had interest from developers to build apartments on top.  Further submissions and approvals are needed from the City before the project can begin.
Roanoke City Council has approved development of a Senior Community with 116 nursing beds and 80 assisted living units.  Land Banks were established by the General Assembly in 2016 and allow localities to set aside parcels, which would ordinarily go to auction for low-income housing development.
Seven Hills Healthcare Center will be torn down to make way for new apartments built using tax credits from VHDA for low-income housing.
Plans include a 30-room boutique hotel and the old middle school building into about 50 apartments; the 8,000-square-foot cafeteria building would be used as a catering kitchen and classroom space.
Richmond City Council approved a 224-unit community near Virginia Union University.  The University supported the project over neighborhood opposition.
Developers submitted plans for 2 new apartment buildings as part of an infill project near VCU.