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NAA Operations Department put together some great advice for 2019.
We believe it is important as an industry to help residents who are federal government employees in this difficult time, so that they may stay in their homes. 
The National Apartment Association has prepared the following guidance and resident communications to assist you in working with residents who are affected by the partial government shutdown.
VAMA's take on the eviction news being reported.
The 2019 General Assembly Session convenes this week and there are already several bills with direct impact on Virginia's Multi-Family Housing Industry.
While this article is out of CA, the data applies nationally.  Make a plan to work with your residents and owners if the HCV payments are delayed.
A new startup is offering a service which allows employees instant access to pre-tax spending dollars and every dollar an employee pays pre-tax reduces an employers worker tax liability.
First Atlantic Restoration Inc
Belfor USA
Build Your Skills
Renting by the bedroom may not just be for students anymore.  High rent, high demand, areas are beginning to experiment with co-living for adults of all ages.
NAA surveyed apartment executives and here's what they are planning for 2019.
Calendar Highlights
BRAC 1/15/19 Supplier-Only Happy Hour
VRHC 1/17/19 Morning Motivator (Waynesboro)
CVAA 1/18/19 RAMMY Awards Ceremony
VRHC 1/22/19 Certified Apartment Manager (CAM) Course
HRAC 1/22/19 Digital Marketing Course
CVAA 1/23/19: R-22 CFC Certification/608 Universal Certification
RLRAC 1/24/19 Reverse Trade Show & Expo
HRAC 1/25/19 Morning Coffee Meeting
VAMA Lobby Day - 1/31/2019
VAMA 2/5/19 CAPS Credential
CVAA 2/5/19 Advisory Committee Meeting
HRAC 2/5/19 Advisory Committee Meeting
HRAC 2/6/19 Suppliers Meeting
BRAC 2/7/19: New 608 Universal Certification
HRAC 2/12/19 Triple Play
CVAA 2/15/19 Morning Coffee Meeting
BRAC 2/15/19 Fair Housing Certification
HRAC 2/15/19 Morning Coffee Meeting
Save the Date:
VAMA Lobby Day - January 31
NAA Advocate - Lobby Day in D.C. - March 5-6

VAMACON - April 24-26, 2019 - Norfolk, VA
Drucker and Falk, LLC
Development News
The Planning Commission approved new zoning regulations which will allow a higher density apartment development than in the past.  Blacksburg City Council must still approve the change.
The Roanoke City Council revealed a plan on Monday to bring a new bus station and higher density apartments to downtown Roanoke.
The Watkins Center development will have 450 apartments with 200 planned in phase 1.
The Red Shield Lodge recently sold for $300,000 and the new owner has plans for apartments and commercial space.
The Greene County Planning Commission has approved a project that will bring a class A property with 212 units to the area.  Developers stated that they plan to build with millennials in mind.
100 new apartments are planned for Carlton View in Charlottesville's downtown.  Currently, the community has 54 units.
Five years ago, when Bedford reverted to a town, developers found themselves having to deal with two different governments to complete a construction project.  Now, Bedford will bring permitting back into town.
Originally, the conversion of the Motor Lofts in downtown Salem was to be into apartments.  The new plan is for short-term rentals to be advertised on AirBNB and other similar sites.  
After a decade empty, developers want to renovate the Lee Theatre into studio apartments.
Christiansburg has proposed a home-stay ordinance that will require owners offering room rentals in their homes to register and pay 9% lodging tax.
Lynchburg City Council removed some proffers and gave the go ahead for a 300-unit development.