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We've all seen the news reports that Virginia has 5 of the top 10 highest eviction rates in the country.  Regardless of the data sets accuracy, the media storm has flooded the airwaves and the public is blaming the rental managers. 
We must start telling the story of VAMA's members.  Responsible, caring and eager rental managers working hard to help people find their next home!
This article, sent in by HOME, outlines one way that property management companies can make applying for an apartment easier for foreign born individuals that may not have traditional forms of ID.
VAMA Member Mat Clemons makes the Roanoke Times in an article covering the new community in Blackbsburg built using tax credits.
A Newport News apartment manager saw something wrong - a resident abusing a puppy - and took action.  This is a wonderful example of how community managers make a difference.
A new product is being built in some parts of the country - single-family home communities that are all rental homes.  
Forbes takes a deep dive into real estate investing in the southeast.
Click below for a full end of session report.
VAMA Wins:
Defeated Source of Funds inclusion in VA Fair Housing Law
Defeated bill designed to allow the Fire Services Board to make laws without input from other sources
Passed a bill to streamline the Rent with Reservation notification requirements
Passed a bill homogenize local ordinances regarding smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
VAMA Losses:
After gathering overwhelming bipartisan support twice in the House and Senate, the Governor vetoed VAMA's vested rights bill regarding mulch.  
VAMA Draws:
VAMA's bill to make clear that participation in the housing choice voucher program is a voluntary program did not make it out of committee.
Click below for a full end of session report including a synopsis of the new laws that will take effect on July 1.
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Build Your Skills
Some builders are "future proofing" their construction projects for a time when cars are less prominent.  If you have a project for an urban area, make sure to take the changing face of renters and commuting into account.  
If you are a small firm, you can still attract the best talent - it isn't always about pay.  Small firms have benefits larger companies often do not.  
The first 10 days of a new resident's experience can make or break your renewal.  Make sure you have a plan so you don't end up losing a resident before they even pay their first month's rent.
For years, the industry has been training that you NEVER simply hand over a key to a prospective resident. Will this training change in the future.  Some management companies have already made the change.
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Development News
A 3rd multifamily project is being delayed by Charlottesville City Council so that they can see more details regarding the Carlton Ave. development.
$100M Manchester riverfront project is set to break ground this summer.  South Falls will have 2 towers when completed and the frist 14 story tower is set to begin construction this year.
Cambridge Square Apartments is set to begin construction this year which will bring another 200 units to the Mechanicsville area.
Whitaker Memorial Hospital will be converted into Whitaker Place Apartments and will have 67 units for low to median income residents.
18 lofts are close to finished at a downtown Salem historic building renovation.
A mixed use building is planned for the former Suntrust Bank location.
Terrace View has applied for a zoning change so that 4 existing buildings can be torn down to make way for 2 much larger buildings geared toward student housing.