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Read all about this year's session and what VAMA accomplished on your behalf and with your help.  Keep up the good work!
HOME has a program that allows apartment owners and managers to try accepting Housing Choice Vouchers in a more controlled environment.  HOME's Move to Opportunity program prescreens HCV recipients and provides training on how to be an excellent resident.  HOME also acts as a resource to apartment management should you need help communicating with the Housing Authority or your resident.  This is a wonderful way to not only rent an apartment but to help a family in need.
When over 70% of a localities property tax base comes from homes the government starts to worry as well they should. Will your locality have this problem in the future?
Twenty years ago, the City was struggling in general - now after two decades of strong growth, the City makes plans to address housing affordability.
Construction costs are rising, rents are stagnating and new construction starts are down.  Some say that inclusionary zoning regulations on top of the other factors mean that new construction loans are not being issued.  
2017 was not a growth year for Norfolk restaurants nor apartments.
Ground Maintenance & Landscaping With a Manicured Touch
A Lawn Beautician
We perform a number of grounds maintenance and related services on HOA's, Commercial, Industrial, Multi-Family, and the Public. We are Large Acreage Specialists. Our services include but are not limited to * Mowing Duties * Irrigation Service and Repair * Pruning * Mulching * Chemical treatments for turf and tree/shrubs* Tree Services * Landscape installation projects * Drainage Solutions * Snow Removal
Learn More Here
Build Your Skills
A veteran industry professional, Marla combines her experience and perspective as a property management senior-level executive, regional professional and onsite leasing specialist, and brings them to #VAMACON.  
We work in a customer service business where people are our purpose. We rely on a team of individuals to work together towards a common goal and in order to be successful, we need other people. It is easy to get frustrated and discouraged when we interact with difficult people on a daily basis. 
Whether you are working to provide stellar customer service or just trying to get through the day without ramming your head through a door, our industry revolves around people: the people we work for, the people we serve, the people we lead. By having a greater understanding of the individuals we come in contact with and being better equipped to maneuver difficult situations, life truly can be easy!
The immediate effect of the 2016 HUD guidance memo has been the reexamination of rental qualifying guidelines with regard to criminal history. It is generally agreed that a blanket policy disallowing any and all criminal history is no longer appropriate.
Join me at our education session, “Creating A Brand Identity” at the 2018 VAMA Conference, April 11-13th where we dig into how you can create a brand identity that cultivates raving fans- in both your residents, and your team.
Check out these tips on how to make the most effective impact with some very “simple, low budget, hardly takes any time to do”, ideas I think you will really enjoy doing as much as your residents will enjoy receiving.
Join me at the 2018 VAMA Conference, April 11 -13th in Norfolk, VA, where I’ll share the 7 greatest productivity hacks that have helped me accomplish more, feel less stressed and, more satisfied in my work, and in life.
If we tie our employees’ hands, can we be disappointed when they let us down?  I have asked thousands of students in my classes a simple question: “How many of you have ever said – out loud or internally – ‘I might as well do it myself, because I need it done right’?” Without fail I get nearly everyone in the room to raise his or her hand. What this says to me is that as an industry and as a society, we have a problem with delegation. 
Technology plays a critical role in effective marketing today, but your efforts to set your community apart and deliver a unique experience should not be overlooked. Learn how to balance high tech and high touch for maximum impact.
The short's both...the long answer is much more interesting.  Click below to read the article and join Petra at VAMACON for two more sessions;  "Dealing with People Who are Hard to be Nice To" and The Power of Service.  Give Residents a Reason to Stay". 
Calendar Highlights
CVAA 3/20/18 Marketing for Affordable Housing Seminar
NRVAC 3/20/18 Breakfast Social
VRHC 3/20/18 Lunch & Learn - FREE
CVAA 3/21/18 Maintenance Mania & Appreciation Day
RLRAC 3/22/18 Morning Membership Meeting (Lynchburg) - Online Reputation Do's & Don'ts
HRAC 3/23/18 Morning Coffee Meeting
NRVAC 3/27/18 National Apartment Leasing Professional (NALP)
CVAA 3/27/18 Fair Housing Certification
RLRAC 3/28/18 CPO Seminar
BRAC 3/29/18 Leasing 101, State of The Market Report & Luncheon
VRHC 4/4/18 Morning Motivator (Harrisonburg) - JMU's Strategic Plans
NRVAC 4/17/18 Fair Housing Certification
BRAC 4/18/18: Certified Pool Operator (CPO) Course

VAMA 2018 State Conference - April 11th - 13th
Great Maintenance = Easy Renewals!  Invest in your Maintenance Team and Increase your NOI!

CVAA 3/13 & 3/14 Certified Pool Operator (CPO)
CVAA 3/21/18 Maintenance Mania & Appreciation Day
RLRAC 3/21/18 CPO Seminar
VAMA 2018 State Conference - April 11th - 13th
BRAC 4/18/18 Certified Pool Operator (CPO) Course
HRAC 4/25/18 Certified Pool Operator (CPO)
CVAA Certificate for Apartment Maintenance Tech (CAMT)
CVAA 10/11/18 Mini Con Trade Show & Seminar Series
NRVAC 10/25/18 Trade Show & Maintenance Seminar

Drucker and Falk, LLC
Keyper Systems
Development News
Combining parcels to create a new city block mixed use project near VCU is currently in the permitting process.
Phase 2 of a project with single-family and townhomes as well as apartments was approved by the York County Board of Supervisors.
The parvel near Kroger on the northwest corner of Lauderdale and Three Chopt plans for 165 apartments as part of the development plan.
A new project will be the first in Richmond to take advantage of a program that allows developers to increase the density of their projects above existing zoning if they designate a percentage of their units in a given project to income-based rents.  
Two homes and a church will be demolished for 76 income based units off Brookland Park.
The Zoning Board of Roanoke will consider a request to rezone an industrial building for conversion to residential multifamily for possible construction of 70 apartments.