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Recap of the last debate in the race for Governor.
Harrisonburg, Waynesboro and surrounding cities in the Valley now have a state approved development plan.
The "Northeast Megalopolis" now extends from Boston to 50 miles south of Washington D.C. to include Fredericksburg.  This area has seen signnificant growth in the past few years and continued growth is expected.
This article provides an overview of several politicians proposals for economic development in Southwest Virginia and Virginia's Southside.
After Loudon Co. dropped out of the running, Facebook will build its $750 Miillion data center east of Richmond.
The Mayor of Newport News gives his state of the city address and has a positive outlook.
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Build Your Skills
Does your community have a multicultural flair?  What will apartments of the future look like?  This article discusses one new design option in single family. 
Does your community have a good way to explain the savings involved when renters stay put for several years? 
What are you doing to encourage work/life balance at your company?
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RLRAC 10/17/17 Fair Housing
HRAC 10/18/17 Maintenance Mania
CVAA 10/19/17 Curb Appeal and Irrigation Technology Seminar
NRVAC 10/19/17 Trade Show & Maintenance Seminar
HRAC 10/20/17 Morning Coffee Meeting
CVAA 10/24/17 Fair Housing Certification
BRAC 10/24/17 MINI-CON (Trade Show, Maintenance Mania & More)
VRHC 10/26/17 Valley APEX Awards
RLRAC 11/3/17 Star Awards
BRAC 11/7/17 National Apartment Leasing Professional (NALP)
RLRAC 11/13/17 Certified Apartment Manager (CAM) Slam
CVAA 11/14/17 Morning Coffee Meeting
NRVAC 11/15/17 Breakfast Social
CVAA 11/16/17 Finding Balance Seminar
CVAA 11/16/17 Fair Housing Certification (Fredericksburg)
HRAC 11/17/17 Morning Coffee Meeting

Drucker and Falk, LLC
Keyper Systems
Development News
Development by Emerson and Roper in Chester began construction in September.
The opportunity for Blacksburg to take over the agreement formerly made between Montgomery County Board of Supervisors and a private purchaser may be coming soon.
105 apartments planned at the corner of Grace St and Stuart Cr in lot purchased from neighboring church.  Fountainhead and WVS are behind the deal.
The Franklin Johnston Group will begin construction on a new 248 apartment community in 2018.
S.L. Nusbaum Realty is planning 126 new apartments in Norfolk to be completed in early 2019.
Virginia Beach's Hollygreen Apartments sell for $8.05 million to Cjehn Beta LLC.
Details on construction for the mixed use Town Center project in Virginia Beach including a theater, restaurants and apartments.
Croatan Investments purchased Waypoint at Hampton, a 210-unit asset in Hampton, and Ultris Banyan Grove, a 288-unit asset in Virginia Beach.  $4 million in renovations planned at one.
A Callifornia company is using Colonial Heights Economic Development Authority Bonds to renovate a community in Chesterfield. 
Norfolk, VA.  Part of the project includes 12 acres of multifamily with 110 units planned in the first phase.
Virginia Beach City Council will vote on a proposed 200 unit community on part of the Virginia Beach Marina property. 
Bellvue Gardens has renovated 2 of 14 buildings along Richmond's Chamberlayne Avenue.
55 Apartments with commercial space at the corner of 14th and Main
Crystal Lakes in Chester, sells to an out of state company.