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There are many small improvements and preventive maintenance tasks you can do now to get ready for the busy leasing season and most are very low cost.
First Atlantic Restoration Inc
According to the guidance, owners must perform an individualized assessment of an applicant regardless of the offense in question or they risk facing a fair housing violation.

You may not be able to collect every scrap of information about an individual’s past, but your policy should reflect a willingness to consider relevant mitigating factors beyond what is contained in the person’s criminal record. HUD makes a good point in the guidance when it urges housing providers to consider a broad-based set of information in their policies. For example, convictions are more definitive of criminal behavior than arrests. Felonies are more serious than misdemeanors and even then not all are equal. Your screening policies should reflect these weighted values.

A vagrancy or public intoxication charge would not necessarily mean that someone might pose a threat in an apartment community. However, any conviction associated with violent behavior should be given the highest scrutiny ...The NAA/NMHC white paper goes into more detail on these questions.
The best way to prepare for a fire
PREVENT IT in the first place.

Apartment construction is at its highest level in three decades.
Events & Education
CVAA 05/24/16 Fair Housing Certification
BRAC 05/24/16 Networking Happy Hour
NRVAC 05/25/16 Breakfast Social
CVAA 5/26/16 VRLTA With Grimes Creasy
HRAC 6/8/16 Outreach Marketing Seminar
HRAC 6/10/16 Morning Coffee Meeting
NRVAC 6/18/16 Summer Solstice Festival
RVAA 06/21/16 VRLTA Seminar w/Grimes Creasy
VRHC 06/23/16 Fair Housing with Renee Pulliam
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Belfor USA
The first of many VAMA Executive Coffees was hosted in late April. This moderated conversation between regional managers and higher level executive staff covered topics identified by NAA's President, Doug Culkin, as issues to watch.
Chapter Highlights
Read up on D & F's very own Johnny on the Spot, maintenance wizard Cory Jobst!
Virginia Housing Development Authority
RVAA hosted a seminar in Lynchburg on April 26th regarding Bed Bug Control Methods. The seminar was instructed by VT Professor of Entomology, Dini Miller. The topic was very informative and helpful providing tips on writing an effective pest control contract as well. Click the link below for more information.