2019 Asphalt Seminars Wrap-Up

Ten years ago, the Regional Asphalt Seminars were launched to explain the specification and quality assurance program changes due to Blueprint-related staff reductions. Over the past decade, seminars have covered a variety of topics based on attendee survey responses. For 2019, attendees wanted to learn about key inspection points in the paving process; they also wanted to hear from industry on how to correctly perform each step in the process. Therefore, the theme for the 2019 Asphalt Seminars was Back to Basics.

Covering three locations across the Commonwealth, almost 600 people registered for the day-long seminars. Safety and safety-related initiatives led off the presentations at each location with VDOT covering accident and work zone safety statistics. Additionally, the rollout of the Portable Temporary Rumble Strips memorandum and specifications were discussed. Contractors covered various concerns in the work zones along with company driven initiatives to protect employees. From safety, presentations moved through each step of the preparation, paving, compacting and marking process. Each presentation – VDOT and industry – generated numerous questions for the panelists.

After each seminar, attendees were emailed a survey to complete. The results of the survey responses will shape the format and theme for the 2020 Asphalt Seminars. To review the presentations given in 2019 and previous years, visit VAA's website or the VDOT Materials Division Web-Page.