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The Recycling and Composting Accountability Act, S3743, a bipartisan bill co-sponsored by Sen. Carper of Delaware and Sen. Boozman of Arkansas, calling for data collection, infrastructure quantification, study of compost best practices, compost use markets and compostable packaging feedstocks, passed the Senate Environment, Public Works and Transportation Committee just this morning.

In discussing this bill and the Recycling Accountability Act, a similar bill that looks at recycling systems and markets, it was exciting to hear Senator Carper mention, “I compost at home. We ought to be able to compost in our office here,” and said the Capitol Architects office would be working on that!

This bill was introduced as a bipartisan bill; USCC chapters and members from states with Republic members of the Senate Recycling Caucus have been our targets as cosponsors; our Iowa Chapter, which includes Vermeer, one of our equipment manufacturing members, has secured a pledge from Sen. Grassley to cosponsor!

We will be reporting back to you about next steps to push this bill to the Senate floor, its next stop!

We are sad to say that Hilary Nichols is leaving the USCC in early April to pursue her dream to thru-hike the Appalachian Trail while vlogging horticultural workshops. We will miss her and wish her the best on her journey!
Over the four years Hilary was with us, she assisted with many projects to help us grow. Among other activities, staff and Market Development Committee created as a team numerous Joe Lamp'L videos, victory garden social media templates, webinars, and updated the compost use section of our website. Hilary also worked with CREF and USCC staff to execute a grant from EPA's Region 3 to reach out to specifiers in that area, gather in-use specifications, and discover roadblocks. Over the last four years, the entire USCC team began building the Gateway Database, clarifying the STA brand messages, and growing the number of participants in the STA program by almost 28%! This supports the industry by strengthening the overall brand of Compost through clear consistent labeling. 
Proven Technology for Windrow Composting
Brown Bear Corporation
Brown Bear’s aerator provides an economical solution for building windrows, blending bulking agents or additives, pulverizing, aerating and water mixing for aerobic composting. The machine’s reverse rotation works the complete windrow from the bottom up and to the side. This machine works directly into material forming it into a windrow. The design makes for ease of use and repair. The intermittent aerator flights are reversible, bolt-on, constructed from abrasion resistant carbon steel.
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US Composting Council and Compost Research and Education Foundation Announces Compost University to Launch Next Month
As the compost industry expands nationally, there is great demand for trained and certified compost operators and professionals who run safe, efficient, neighbor- and environment-friendly operations.
A new online learning platform, Compost University (Compost U), will enable individuals and companies to achieve their continuing education objectives and aspirations, as well as overcome challenges caused by limited time and ability to travel.
The new online learning management system, Compost U, is sponsored by Vermeer Corporation, a global manufacturer of composting, industrial and agricultural equipment and longtime member of the US Composting Council (USCC) and will be hosted on Freestone LMS by Community Brands, the current host of the USCC's membership database and website.
The USCC is pleased to work with Naylor Association Solutions as a media communication partner. Naylor provides advertising, publication and media services.
We are partnering with Naylor to provide the following:
o    Ad Sales on
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Since 1969, Naylor has crafted custom communication solutions for businesses like ours. When you advertise with USCC through Naylor, you can expect:
Ten-week, paid summer internship with the US Composting Council
Deadline: May 21, 2022
The USCC is excited to announce the launch of our 2022 Environmental Apprenticeship Program. This year, we will be offering 3 PAID internships for undergraduate and graduate students in various areas that include environmental advocacy, marketing and data management.
If you, or someone you know, are interested in a career in the environmental non-profit field and compost industry, don’t miss this opportunity!
Heritage Bag Company
Rotochopper, Inc.
The USCC is calling for nominations through 5 p.m. PST Friday, April 8 to fill a seat being vacated by a retiring affiliate class board member. The winner of this seat will fill the remainder of the board term, running through the end of 2022.
To run for the seat, one must be an affiliate in one of the following member type categories, NOT be engaged in compost production, and not an individual, advocate, or student member:
Public Agency
State Agency     
Compostable Product Mfg/Distributor 
Consultant/Service Provider     
Hauler/Non-Profit Organization
Community Composter
Click here to complete the form.
Click here to read Board Member Roles & Responsibilities and our Code of Ethics.
If you have questions, please reach out to Nominations Committee co-chairs Eileen Banyra or Jennifer Trent.
I want to bring to your attention the significance of participating in our Compost Industry Study. Our industry is growing, and we have not had accurate metrics to evaluate both the environmental impact and the economic impact that we have in the US. The time is now to participate in this critical study. Every Compost Manufacturer needs to be counted to move our industry forward, we need to understand where we are currently and what our potential impact can be in the future. As a compost manufacturer member, you will be receiving email correspondence see details above.
This past summer the USCC and the Environmental Research & Education Foundation (EREF) began the process of undertaking a critical step in advancing the Compost Industry. This project will be the first-ever in-depth study of commercial composting. This has been made possible by the underwriting of members and the Corporate Compost Leadership Council. The EREF will be facilitating the study, which will gather data that ranges from facility throughput, compost volume sold, employee headcount and other downstream financial impacts of the industry, to the current state of practice regarding equipment types, tipping fees, feedstock types and technologies.
Your specific data will be kept confidential and only the aggregated data will be made public in a report. If you have strong concerns about the security of your data the EREF can sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement with your company. If you have multiple facilities, we can email you an Excel spreadsheet to use to fill out your data. The final report will help paint a more complete picture of the industry (that is lacking now), thus providing needed figures for decision making by our Members and allied industries, policy makers and municipalities, and industry leaders. The report will also provide an analysis of program availability and an exhaustive facilities list will assist in infrastructure development.
If you have any questions or concerns, please email at
Please participate in this vital project. The future of our industry depends on it.

Frank Franciosi
Executive Director
US Composting Council
The USCC is “upping our game” when it comes to the ability for you and fans of composting and organics recycling to reach out to legislators and regulators. We have just signed on to pilot a new advocacy software, Capitol Canary (formerly called Phone2Action), a direct result of USCC member dues support.
Capitol Canary will allow USCC and our chapters to quickly catalyze large numbers of people to reach out to support, oppose or otherwise communicate to legislators and regulators  This is done by clicking on a link that will be on USCC’s website, filling out a form and, (preferably!) writing a few personal lines about your support for the bill or industry. You’ll hear about these opportunities through action alerts from USCC!
For an example of how it feels, take a look at an action alert from Solar Energy Industries Association, another organization using Capitol Canary.
Edge Innovate (NI) Ltd.®
The VS420 twin shaft design coupled with fuel efficiency and intelligent tramp metal detection ensures that the EDGE VS420  is easy to maintain, provides maximum uptime and provides a quick return on investment. At the heart of the EDGE VS420 are twin, high torque shredder shafts that can be customised to suit a customer's exact application requirements. EDGE's next generation shredder offers high capacity shredding, reliability and low operational costs.
Compost and Phosphorous Claims - A new testing method and labeling guidelines have been approved to enable producers of compost, and other carbon-based products to measure and advertise the amount of slowly releasing phosphate in their products, if their products are registered as fertilizers (making legal nutrient content claims). This can be done by testing composts for their content of “water extractable phosphorous” (WEP). Compost, and other carbon-based products, typically possess less WEP; therefore, the phosphate from these products is more likely to stay where it was applied, rather than run off into nearby waters.
At the July 2021 American Association of Plant Food Control Officials (AAPFCO) meeting, the SERA-17 test method for WEP was found to be acceptable and at the February 2022 meeting the WEP definition became ‘official. The final piece of this puzzle involved illustrating how testing for the WEP content could be used to make labeling claims on carbon-based products. State control officials were concerned that using the term WEP on the label would create confusion, because fertilizer phosphorus is expressed as "available phosphate." Therefore, WEP testing will instead be used to illustrate "slowly available phosphate" on a label, like the way slowly available nitrogen is claimed.
This strategy enables the new phosphate claims to align more closely with existing labeling regulations and formats. (See label graphic below)
Member Benefits
Memberships with the US Composting Council are almost entirely tax deductible as a business expense. You may count your membership dues as a deductible expense. The USCC has been increasing its work with advocacy and lobbying. As a result, three percent of your membership dues are not allowed to be claimed as a deduction.
This year, we have hosted 10 webinars covering subjects from Municipal Parks & Composting to a three-part series on compostable products aimed at compost manufacturers. We also hosted nearly a dozen happy hours, as well as monthly Young Professionals Group happy hours. We also saw the return of our in-person annual conference and tradeshow. The USCC saw near-record turnout in attendance with a mix of workshops, sessions, and exhibition & demonstration of equipment. 
New Seal of Testing Assurance (STA) Database:  Over the last 12 months, our team has been working to build a new technology that will streamline your engagement with the STA program, safely secure your details, and support you in maintaining good standing with the STA program. The new technology is a compost manufacturer's gateway to everything in the program. From renewals to adding new products or derivatives of products, you will have one place to keep track of your invoices, certificates, test results, permits and more. Phase 1 of the new technology for launching STA Renewals has launched.
Industry Development: Model Compost Rules Template and Model Zoning efforts ...
REOTEMP Instruments
The USCC is thrilled to welcome the following individuals and organizations as members of the USCC.
NOCO has announced the launch of its new consumer product brand, Tend.
Working with NOCO affiliates Buffalo River Compost and River Road Research, Tend offers soil amendments including composts and mulches, and insect protein-based animal feeds including backyard chicken snacks, wild bird feed, dog treats and other pet products specifically designed to support the local, circular economy.
Evanston Valley Enterprise (EVE), a large scale humus composting facility started out of wood chip piles. The wood chips had been sitting at the property of the Knepper family business, K&K Dirtworks, Inc.
Robin and Doug Knepper and their two sons Matt and Daniel Knepper all work together at the K&K family business. K&K Dirtworks has a K&K Tree Division and then Evanston Valley Enterprise is its own incorporation.
Get your hands on the latest in compost and sustainability jobs by taking a look at the job postings from our member organizations on our website. Plus, your membership gives you the benefit of posting jobs on our Career Center for free. It's easy, so why not take advantage of it?
How to post a job on the USCC website:
Step 1: In your membership account go to Account Settings
Step 2: Click Content & Features
Step 3: Submit an Opening
Have questions? Contact Gowri Sundaram at
Type of Position: Full-Time
Are you an experienced heavy equipment operator specializing in wheel loaders? Do you take pride in putting in a hard day’s work and not afraid of getting your hands dirty? The Inland Empire Utilities Agency (IEUA) has an exciting opportunity for you as a Compost Operator in the Agency's Organics Management Department at the Inland Empire Regional Composting Facility (IERCF)! Come be a part of IEUA’s world-class organics recycling team!
Location: Remote or New York City
Closed Loop Partners (CLP) is an investment firm comprised of venture capital, growth equity, private equity and project finance as well as an innovation center focused on building the circular economy. We have built an ecosystem that connects entrepreneurs, industry experts, global consumer goods companies, retailers, financial institutions and municipalities. Our investments align capitalism with positive social and environmental impact by reducing waste and greenhouse gas emissions via materials innovation, advanced recycling technologies, supply chain optimization and landfill diversion.
There is less than a month until the start of International Compost Awareness Week (ICAW) 2022 – the best time of year to share the many benefits of composting our food scraps and using compost to build healthy soils. Start making your plans to get the word out about ICAW this May 1-7. Check out activities, events, and resources on the CREF website: If you need help with your ICAW plans or more ideas on how you can get involved, contact Beth Simone,
In late February, the CREF and BSIbio held a 90-minute webinar for composters curious about compostable products and the benefits of field testing for their facilities. The level of interest from participants was outstanding with many leaving the event with the tools needed to start designing their own field test and join our international field testing research project. If you missed the webinar, or compostable products weren’t on your mind then but they are now, you can still request more information from our website:
Secaucus will keep its composting program following its successful launch in June of 2021.
Mayor Michael Gonnelli and the Town Council authorized the pilot program last year, with five separate sheds collecting food scraps from the public. Following robust participation and its resounding success, the program will continue with hopes of major expansion in the future and a few minor changes to locations, the town announced in its monthly newsletter.
Upcoming Events
Mar 2022
This dynamic event unites industry professionals from all sectors of the world’s interconnected biomass utilization industries - bio-based power, thermal energy, fuels and chemicals. This event brings current and future producers of bioenergy and bio-based products together with waste generators, energy crop growers, municipal leaders, utility executives, technology providers, equipment manufacturers, project developers, investors and policy makers. It’s a true one-stop shop - the world’s premier educational and networking junction for all biomass industries.
Apr 2022
We will continue meeting you all for monthly virtual happy hour on first Thursday 7 p.m. Eastern. The upcoming is 7 p.m. EST Thursday, March 3. Below is the zoom meeting details. Topic: YPG happy hour Time: April 7, 2022, 4 p.m. Indiana (Eastern) Join Zoom Meeting Passcode: YPG2022
May 2022
International Compost Awareness Week (ICAW) is the largest and most comprehensive education initiative of the compost industry. It is celebrated nationwide and in other countries each year during the first full week of May. The goal of ICAW is to work together to raise public awareness on why we all should be composting our organics recycling and using compost. The program includes poster and video contests in the fall and activities and events held during the week in May. Throughout the week of ICAW, community and business events are held to encourage and celebrate composting - all types of composting - from backyard to large-scale are promoted.
May 2022
Recipe for Regeneration: Compost We are pleased to host this year's VORS in conjunction with International Compost Awareness Week (ICAW).
May 2022
May 9-12 , Las Vegas, Nevada
May 2022
May 10-12 , Minneapolis, Minnesota
May 2022
May 11-13, East Lansing, Michigan
Aug 2022
PWX provides a first-class multimodal learning experience designed for professionals at all levels and across the entire spectrum of public works. Come prepared to see, hear, touch, and discuss in a variety of traditional and interactive sessions, seminars, workshops, and networking opportunities.
Oct 2022
From owners to plant managers or marketing and sales executives to industry suppliers, the MSC invites all interested parties to Charlotte for the 51sth MSC Annual Meeting. Come in person to network with industry people and to hear what the Council is doing for your benefit.
Jan 2023
The USCC's 31st Annual Compost Conference located in sunny Ontario, California.