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United States Composting Council Announces State Chapter in Georgia

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The US Composting Council (USCC) is pleased to announce the recent formation of the Georgia Composting Council (GACC). The Georgia Composting Council, now an official chapter of the US Composting Council, is a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing the use and production of compost in Georgia. The chapter’s role is to promote the composting industry and the reduction, reuse, and recycling of organic material through the support of infrastructure development, quality control, training, legislative and regulatory advocacy, and public education throughout the state.

Composting plays an increasingly vital role in the circular economy of Georgia by diverting organic matter from residential, agricultural, commercial, institutional, and industrial sectors into a beneficial end use product that improves soil health. Food residuals makes up 12% (more than 800,000 tons) of the waste sent to Georgia landfills each year, with approximately 48% coming from the greater Atlanta area. Additionally, 65% of organic residuals from water and wastewater utilities are sent to landfills. Composting food residuals and other organic matter keeps these materials out of landfills and reduces methane emissions. Compost added to soil improves water infiltration and retention, reduces erosion, sequesters carbon, and contributes to plant health.

“We are very excited to have Georgia as our newest state chapter affiliate under the auspices of the Georgia Recycling Coalition. Adding Georgia as our 16th state chapter helps to support our national efforts to bring composting and compost use to the forefront of organic recycling” said Frank Franciosi, executive director of the USCC.

“The mission of the Georgia Composting Council is to elevate sustainable materials management and improve soil health via composting organic materials at the backyard, community and large-scale manufacturing levels in Georgia, assuring all Georgians have access to composting options and education,” said Gloria Hardegree, Executive Director of the Georgia Recycling Coalition and founding member of the state chapter.

Wayne King, founder of Georgia-based compost manufacturer ERTH Products LLC added, “I’m thrilled that Georgia’s Compost Association has officially reached State chapter status with the USCC. The organic recycling and compost manufacturing industry has enjoyed significant growth over the past 25 years. With growth comes the need for an increase in education, certification, and market development resources. A chapter unification with the USCC helps provide the necessary resources to grow infrastructure development in Georgia with an eye toward uniformity across state lines. Equally as important, the USCC brings to the table an advocacy tool kit with a strong voice in regulatory and legislative matters.”

Georgia is a vibrant state with respect to food manufacturing, food processing, and the agricultural industries that will lend support from a broad range of interested parties. With a strong and growing focus on regenerative agriculture, climate change and circular economy in Georgia, the Council will play an integral role in assuring composting is elevated as a significant component in achieving long-term progress toward a more sustainable Georgia.

GACC is in the process of recruiting members from the public and private sector, including industry, non-profits, institutions, academia, and government agencies that have an interest in the many beneficial aspects of composting for our society. Additionally, the formation committee is in the process of selecting board and committee members. For more information, email



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